Potty Training Over Railings

photo credit: bleepingmotherhood.comLet’s talk potty training. Or potty learning.  Or getting the hell out of buying more diapers.I’ve heard cloth diapering is an option. Now in the midst of potty training, I believe that’s what I’m doing.  Only, it’s with Elsa waving her magic wand at my daughter, telling her to “let it go” in her brand new underwear....more

April Showers and Bathroom Powers | by Lauren Cop

“Mom I have to tinkle!” “Mom come wipe my butt!” “Pee potty! Pee Potty” Oh yes – we all know the phrases and how you must move with urgency before we run out of time!! For me, I always feel like I am dealing with a time-sensitive bomb when potty training my girls. I have read every article and tried every technique. With my girls being almost 2 and 3 potty training has become my life – in fact I spend a majority of the day in our tiny 4ft by 10ft full guest bathroom. So what have I learned? Potty training is about power – that’s right – power!...more

Don't Diaper Train Your Baby

Babies need diapers. Right? The choice is simple: disposable or cloth. Or is there a third option?What if parenthood doesn’t have to mean years of changing dirty diapers? What if babies and toddler don’t have to sit in their own waste? What if you could avoid the battle of potty training a rambunctious toddler?...more

5 Tips for Potty Training ANY Kid

Potty training a toddler is hard. Potty training a toddler on the spectrum is damn near impossible! It took two days to potty train our neuro-typical daughter, four years to potty train our low-functioning 9-year-old son, and we're going on one and a half years with our moderate-functioning son, Max. ...more
JennyBarton Our daughter literally took 2 days. We thought we had it made! Then our autie boys ...more

Potty Training Hell

Oh potty training, what fun.  NOT.  I have been doing some form of potty training with Bean for about six months now, and we are not even close to having him potty trained.I blame myself.  I don't think I am being as strict with him as I need to be in order to be successful. But at times I just don't think he's ready either.  So I am torn.  Do I push him or do I let him decide?  I am open to suggestions here....more


This post was almost named “Nobody Shits on Spiderman” so I made this snazzy little meme. I don’t know why it makes me laugh so hard to imagine this image as the cover of a coming-of-age novel about the perils of potty training. ...more

Child Routine Charts Printables

My oldest son is turning 3 in a couple of months. We’ve been working on keeping him with his morning, night, and potty routines. Sometimes we do get off track when we’re traveling or have family visiting because we’re away from the house more showing everybody around....more

5 Potty Training Tips When You Have Another Little One

This. isn't. easy. This whole potty training thing. It just isn't. I took the time to plan, I really did. Going on Pinterest and pinning all the best tips and tricks for potty training. I did that. My outlook was really positive, and I guess it still is, but I am just in the midst of it so my judgement is a little cloudy....more

Potty Training: Don't Rush Them

All over the internet, you see articles about "Potty Train in 2 Days" or "Potty Training Before They're One". It's not new, parents have been itching to potty train as fast and easily as possible since before I was born. It makes sense, in a way, because no one likes changing diapers and wiping butts.I don't blame them. But I don't agree with them either.I don't see the reason to rush a child into potty training for any reason, except maybe if they're about to start Kindergarten but until then, there's no sense to it....more

Talking About Potty Training

Way, way, way back last April I mentioned potty training. The short version of the story is that Jack came home from daycare one day, said he wanted to use the potty and then did. Easy, peasy. Boom, my kid was potty trained.Hahahahahahaha. Nope.Jack lost interest within a few days and went on to sporadically use the potty for months and months, but only when he felt like it. Welcome to real life....more