5 Potty Training Tips When You Have Another Little One

This. isn't. easy. This whole potty training thing. It just isn't. I took the time to plan, I really did. Going on Pinterest and pinning all the best tips and tricks for potty training. I did that. My outlook was really positive, and I guess it still is, but I am just in the midst of it so my judgement is a little cloudy....more

Potty Training: Don't Rush Them

All over the internet, you see articles about "Potty Train in 2 Days" or "Potty Training Before They're One". It's not new, parents have been itching to potty train as fast and easily as possible since before I was born. It makes sense, in a way, because no one likes changing diapers and wiping butts.I don't blame them. But I don't agree with them either.I don't see the reason to rush a child into potty training for any reason, except maybe if they're about to start Kindergarten but until then, there's no sense to it....more

Talking About Potty Training

Way, way, way back last April I mentioned potty training. The short version of the story is that Jack came home from daycare one day, said he wanted to use the potty and then did. Easy, peasy. Boom, my kid was potty trained.Hahahahahahaha. Nope.Jack lost interest within a few days and went on to sporadically use the potty for months and months, but only when he felt like it. Welcome to real life....more

Bye Bye Baby

Every morning for the past several months, the first words out of my two-year-old's mouth have been, "Can I have milk in a bottle?" I realize that if a child is old enough to put together a sentence with this many words, that bottle's departure is probably way past due....more

I normally don't talk about poop

I should probably start this story by telling you that Jack is not a traveling pooper. In his almost three years of life, I’ve only had to deal with him pooping outside the home (or daycare or Mimi’s house) three times. Ever. Not really sure why, but I’ve just been pretty lucky that it hasn’t really been an issue.I guess the kid just likes his privacy....more

Strap In

Tonight I sat in the bathroom with Cee as she sat on her potty. We do this pretty much every day, although I’ll admit that my potty-training skills leave much to be desired over the weekends.We sat and we waited. And waited. And waited. After 25 minutes, we packed it in....more

Potty Training, Sticker Style

Potty Training, Sticker Style Make your mistakes, take your chances, look silly, but keep on going. Don’t freeze up.  ~Thomas Wolfe...more

Potty Training with sticker bribes

DIY: Make Your Own Potty Prize Box

Today I wanted to share a DIY for potty training that only takes about five to ten minutes to make. I just finished making a Potty Prize Box, and I think it turned out so cute. ...more
No. Bribery did not work with Charlie.more

The Gardenburger® from Hell...

...or the Gardenburger® gift that keeps on giving.  So, what were you up to at 11pm tonight?  This is what I was doing:...more