Potty Training: We're Doing it Wrong

My daughter has been showing signs of readiness for potty training (or learning, if you prefer) for so long that I can't even remember exactly when it was that we introduced the potty. Close to a year ago? Anyway, we've never pushed it, just had it available to use here and there. In the past few months, she's done "Number 2" almost exclusively on the potty, but pee has been a bit more elusive. I understand that this is exactly the opposite of how it goes for most kids....more

Candle Wax, Footprints, and One Dirty Deed

Mess.Second only to "No whining." and "I love  you." in a mom's daily vocabulary.However, "mess" can define itself a lot of ways over the course of days and weeks and months in the life of a mother.There's this kind of mess: The hey-mom-I-just-threw-a-citronella-candle-all-over-the-floor kind of mess that masquerades itself as a you-can't-get-angry-because-at-least-I'm-okay kind of mess. But for the love of all things orderly this was a pain in the you know what to clean up....more