Holy Crap! It's Potty Time!

I've been potty training little man for a while, roughly about 2 months now. We started when he was 17 months because he was showing signs. When he pooped in his pamper he was kind enough to go grab a pamper and give it to mommy. I smiled and said "Hell Yes!" We are on a new stage and it will be fun....more

The Last of The Babies

I finally had had enough. I pulled off my youngest twin's pull up and said we're going cold turkey. It turns out he was more ready for it than I was....more

Potty Training in 3 Days

    I originally thought this post was going to be about how we potty trained JR in 3 days. It will actually be about how we attempted to potty train him in that time frame, specifically during the Thanksgiving weekend....more
Yes, it’s true that, in a lot of cases, potty-training requires perseverance on both the part of ...more