Until The Job Is Done, Baby...Until The Job Is Done...

It is hard to believe that the earthquake that hit Haiti was really only a few days ago in the grand scheme of time. There will be that moment, well into the distant future, where someone will ask 'where were you when it hit' and, like all enormous tragedies...you will remember. ...more

You Can Not Compete With Poverty...

...Unless you are poor."I remember when all I wanted to blog about was politics and culture. I had to stop because people use those topics, as well as race and religion, to unleash their inner demons without actually thinking. Usually, they try to befuddle you with their version of facts, which they then call upon when you ask them to clarify their real intentions.You all know the ones. The ones who lurk. They wait....more

The Salvation Army Has a Bell That Rings for Me

It was a hot and humid, sweaty summer night. A fellow student and I were walking the streets of Cincinnati dressed in dirty, shabby clothes. We had not washed in three days. We had slept in our clothes. We had been turned away by a variety of organizations, and met with locked doors at a few churches as we searched for sources of food and shelter. ...more

That is interesting that they have such a reputation as far as Australia. Sometimes the same ...more

Charity: Do Your Gifts Make Recipients Feel Loved or Judged?

 (Originally posted at SarahJoyAlbrecht.com)...more

What Does Cleveland's House of Horrors Reveal About Us?

Funerals were held this weekend for four of the 11 women whose bodies were found in a Cleveland, Ohio row house earlier this month, apparent victims of convicted sex offender Anthony Sowell. Sowell, 50, has been charged with multiple counts of rape and murder as investigators continue to dig around his former residence....more

Hello Council-woman elect :-)

The compassion and care with which you write are part of ...more

Poverty, Race, and Early Childhood Education Pt. I: Public Schools

 Let’s ponder what $1.4 billion will do to “drive education reform” and save jobs in Pennsylvania—from the perspective of a povertized, disabled, overeducated, Latina mestiza single mother of four....more

So Little, So Late . . .

   Long day, too tired to find the stats. I fit in there, somewhere.   Facts:  ...more

Personal Poverty Reduction: Breaking the Chains of Individual, Institutional, and Internalized Poverty

   I'm starting a not so private campaign. The many labors of the late welfare activist Johnnie Tillmon remind me that, more than thirty years later, I am not alone. I, too, am a woman of color; a povertized woman; a fat woman; a middle-aged woman; and I'm living on very low-income government subsidy.   ...more

What causes school violence, and what are the antidotes?

School violence has been in the news frequently this past month, thanks to the beating death of honors student Derrion Albert by other teenagers and the shooting death of Trevor Varinecz by a school resource officer whom Varinecz reportedly stabbed several times....more

I don't claim to have answers to school violence, but I do notice a disturbing trend ...more

The Hunger Challenge is underway

This morning, nearly 34 million people in the United States faced more than the usual Monday challenge: Their week includes figuring out how to feed themselves on a food stamp budget. Thanks to economic stimulus money, that budget is higher this year than last: $28 per week, per person, rather than $21. That extra $7 makes a tremendous difference, although doing a week’s worth of shopping is tough to do even at the higher level. Last year, Gayle Keck of the San Francisco Food Bank dreamed up The Hunger Challenge. This event gave bloggers the opportunity to try living on a food stamp budget--just $21 for the week in 2008. Six of us participated, and shared our struggles on our blogs. It was a stressful, difficult week, and left me more committed than ever to do whatever I can to help feed the hungry and to increase access to fresh, affordable food for those who live in underserved areas. ...more

From now until November 4th, HLIC New York (www.hlicnyc.org) is hosting a “Dine In” event ...more