Taking My Power Back After Sexual Assault

A while ago, I wrote about how sex has changed for me since my sexual assault, and more recently how I can finally see that I will eventually find my way back to normal.But Monday night, I had another emotional breakdown, completely out of nowhere....more

You and only you are in control responsible for your life!

The most powerful truth that I have assimilated into my being helping me to be the person that I am today is so surprisingly simple. Yes, so simple yet so hard for me to believe, actually strongly resisting that idea that I am in control of my life. Instead I'd rather give all my power to anyone but me! How many times I would say or think I had to do something, I had no choice, not accepting personal responsibility for my life. Accepting this truth, living your life being accountable releases you power focusing on your attention on your intentions....more

How-To Tuesday: Starting Your Own Yoga Practice

Gooooood morning everyone!! :) (Image Credit)...more

Living with non attachment is a freeing step to living your best life!

In the past I've struggled with what it means to live without attachment. Does it mean that you don't care, that you have no feelings, no love for others. I understand the part of living without attachment to things, which I found very hard to do, but at first I couldn't grasp what was meant by non attachment in relation to people. Then finally I understood, the fog lifted, illuminating for me the true meaning of non attachment. It just means to be free of holding on to any emotion, situation, thoughts, longer than the present moment through awareness and mindfulness....more
Enougher Thank you so much for your comments! I appreciate your time that it took to read my ...more

Beyond Money and Power - a new set of values

Lately I have been experiencing a ground swell of desire for a new way to be and live. I expect to see this from my clients, however I am seeing it in places and people I would not expect.Arianna Huffington shares her thoughts about redefining success in her new book, Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom and Wonder. Instead of focusing solely on money and power she calls us to look to a third metric centered on the quality of our lives....more

Choose Again

"Making decisions is easy. You just make it and if it doesn't work out, you make another one."A friend and I were walking our dogs when she laid that piece of wisdom on me. As a chronic fence-sitter, I was stunned by the simplicity of the statement. It made such complete sense, but it never seems like that to me at the crunch of decision time. I so easily become mired down in cost-benefit analyses and contingency planning. I want things to be perfect, or at least predictable, before I make a decision. Really, I want a guarantee of the best-case scenario. But that's a trap....more

'Power' and The Curse of the Ride-or-Die Chick

Power (the latest drama series from STARZ network) is my new summertime addiction. Omari Hardwick stars as "Ghost," a drug kingpin who wants to be an legitimate businessman. He is carrying on an illicit (but extremely hot) affair with Angie, his former flame and current DEA agent, played by Lela Loren. ...more
This didn't seem like a show I'd like but I love it!more

How to use the wonderful power that we all have within!

I’ve said over and over that we all have a power within us to use to be the best that we can be, to have all that we desire.  Simple, easy, these are words that we need to say over and over to access our power.  Believe that you  can have all that you want and you will.  Once you know that you have this power deep within how do you use it to the fullest.  Let me tell you that the secret to using your power is focus.  If power is the energy source, focus is power’s instrument; a laser beam forcefully pointed at your goal.  ...more

True power, neither magical or mystical, just ordinary human strength!

I know that when I talk about power or having powers it might seem that I am speaking to magical or mystical power, no I mean the power from within.  We all have this strong power; a force that is deep within our being just there for us to draw such extraordinary strength when needed. ...more

The Inner Path: No To The Ego

“The moment you become aware of the ego in you, it is strictly speaking no longer the ego, but just an old, conditioned mind-pattern. Ego implies unawareness. Awareness and ego cannot coexist.” ― Eckhart Tolle  The ego is a powerful thing. So many people have been snared by this conceptual element and don't even know it. The ego disguises itself as... you.  A conception your identity in a physical form.  Elements of the outside world and of personal experiences are mostly repressed by the ego... that's a problem.  The ego comes out as your character for all to see, not always seen asan overinflated sense of self.  It canturn up in feelings of inferiority or self-hatred also, because ego is any image you have of yourself that gives you a sense of identity.   That identity derives from the things you tell yourself and the things other people have been saying about you that you've decided to accept as truth. Yes, and that's why it's important for you to let go of the ego and be you. The ego is a protective and guarded shell for you, not protecting you, but separating you.  It's a barrier, cutting you off from other people and the outside world.  Separating you... from you.  ...more