Urn, Casket or Cryonics? The Joys of Estate Planning ... When You're Pregnant

I wish I had put at least an ounce of forethought into what we were actually doing when we'd called an estate attorney and set up an appointment to create a will and trust. Instead, I put the meeting into my Outlook and mentally checked off one more thing I'd promised to do before the birth of my first child. ...more


Jory Des Jardins
writes on business and career topics at BlogHer, and on her ...more

What’s the 40/70 Rule, and How Does it Affect You?

Do you know what the 40/70 rule is? If you have aging parents, you should. Here’s what you need to know to protect your family.The rule says when you are 40 or one of your parents are 70, it’s time to start talking about how they see their future, and what their options might be....more

Last Will and Testament: Why it’s So Important for a Parent and How to Get One of Your Very Own

Every other month or so, the subject of wills surfaces during my girl's night out group's conversations. We all agree we need to get our last wishes down on paper and make them official. We all have kids....more

Avoid Your Own Astor Disaster or Where There’s A Will…

While it’s safe to say that no members of the Astor family will be taking away the Nobel Peace Prize (and congrats to President Obama) that’s not to say that we all haven’t been following the drama as it unfolds....more

Planning how to say the big good-bye.

Earlier this week I wrote about how to help those around you plan in advance for their passing. Now it's your turn. Do those you love a huge favor and put some thought into what you would like for "final arrangements", and then have the discussion with them. There is no need to feel uncomfortable or strange or frightened. We all will be departing this life. You can either make it easier or harder for those whom you leave behind. You have that control. You can leave behind a final kindness by making some plans in advance. ...more