Influence and Power of Women in the Social Media

According to most researchers, women are said to use the social media less than men for business reasons do whereas most females are known to use the social media to share their personal information revealing more details concerning their lives compared to their male counterparts. Women are known to be more vocal, willing to share and expensive. In short, the women are biologically wired for social networking. It is also a fact that more women are using the social media than men. ...more

A Girl Needs Her Friends...Just Ask the Fish

"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle."  - Irina Dunn...more

Women of India -- Lead in Achieving Balance

In an interview on CNN, Erin Burnett spoke with Fareed Zakaria about the international coverage of a gang rape in India, and the national outrage that the rape has sparked.  Both the coverage and the outrage, while fully merited, are unusual.  Zakaria made some interesting points about it. ...more

BlogHer '09: "There's so much power in this room."

For some, a ballroom crowded with several hundred bright, accomplished and outgoing women might be a scary place. A conference with close to 1,500 women with opinions and blogs is probably even more frightening! But as we juggled our glasses of wine and tried to make conversation over the din at the first night of the BlogHer '09 conference, one wise woman turned and said to me, "There's so much power in this room." ...more

Please feel free to contact me (email or whatever your fave method of contact is).  I'd love ...more

I am woman....hear me roar!

The BLG Blue Blog - From Me to You Search for: I am woman…hear me roar! ...more