'Power' and The Curse of the Ride-or-Die Chick

Power (the latest drama series from STARZ network) is my new summertime addiction. Omari Hardwick stars as "Ghost," a drug kingpin who wants to be an legitimate businessman. He is carrying on an illicit (but extremely hot) affair with Angie, his former flame and current DEA agent, played by Lela Loren. ...more
This didn't seem like a show I'd like but I love it!more

How to use the wonderful power that we all have within!

I’ve said over and over that we all have a power within us to use to be the best that we can be, to have all that we desire.  Simple, easy, these are words that we need to say over and over to access our power.  Believe that you  can have all that you want and you will.  Once you know that you have this power deep within how do you use it to the fullest.  Let me tell you that the secret to using your power is focus.  If power is the energy source, focus is power’s instrument; a laser beam forcefully pointed at your goal.  ...more

True power, neither magical or mystical, just ordinary human strength!

I know that when I talk about power or having powers it might seem that I am speaking to magical or mystical power, no I mean the power from within.  We all have this strong power; a force that is deep within our being just there for us to draw such extraordinary strength when needed. ...more

The Inner Path: No To The Ego

“The moment you become aware of the ego in you, it is strictly speaking no longer the ego, but just an old, conditioned mind-pattern. Ego implies unawareness. Awareness and ego cannot coexist.” ― Eckhart Tolle  The ego is a powerful thing. So many people have been snared by this conceptual element and don't even know it. The ego disguises itself as... you.  A conception your identity in a physical form.  Elements of the outside world and of personal experiences are mostly repressed by the ego... that's a problem.  The ego comes out as your character for all to see, not always seen asan overinflated sense of self.  It canturn up in feelings of inferiority or self-hatred also, because ego is any image you have of yourself that gives you a sense of identity.   That identity derives from the things you tell yourself and the things other people have been saying about you that you've decided to accept as truth. Yes, and that's why it's important for you to let go of the ego and be you. The ego is a protective and guarded shell for you, not protecting you, but separating you.  It's a barrier, cutting you off from other people and the outside world.  Separating you... from you.  ...more

Help Make Little Girls' Voices Carry

By Estelle Sobel ErasmusSo I was an advocate for my daughter the other day. And how I acted made a difference in her experience of being heard, I believe.About a month ago, my nearly four-year-old daughter  came home from pre-school telling me about a boy, who touched her on the nose and kissed her hand. She didn't like it."He kissed my hand mommy and touched my nose, and I said no," she told me. She also told me that he was from another country and didn't speak English yet....more

Do Women Abdicate Their Power on Wall Street?

We often talk about how women handle power differently than men in everyday corporate settings. What about in the biggest financial setting in the world - Wall Street? Do women handle themselves differently than men? Or, are they equally powerful in the epicenter of financial power? Katie Kelley interviews The Wall Street Coach in this post. ...more
I think the key phrase here is learning to 'live with the discomfort' and not immediately ...more

Serene Sunday -The Power of Prayer

Serene Sunday - serenity can be found in the power of prayer....more


 During a recent interview I was asked if there was a difference between older women/younger men relationships and their opposite, relationships between older men and significantly younger women.  For most people the obvious answer has to do with sex, or better sex, or let's get real, out-of-the-box mind boggling great sex (especially if the man is a lot younger)....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” You Have the Power 6-22-12

Getting big positive vibes speculating with taking new partners in business and/or in romance, ideas, and finances.You’re at the gate, prepare yourself for change, and entertain entirely new possibilities in concepts and negotiations.Using your intuition and having the courage to take/make forward moves is rewarded.Opposing Energies: Greed, delays, risk, indiscretion, poor communications, and betrayal.You’re taking creativity to a new high by expanding into new philosophies, hopingto unlock your future....more