No Excuses!

I just finished reading Gloria Feldt's latest book, _No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power_. And I've decided to blog about if for a couple of reasons:...more

The Concept of Royalty Bothers Me

Okay, the royal wedding is over, and yes I am purposively using lower case.  I understand that bright colors, sparkly things, and lifestyles that read like fairy tales can be attractive.  They do draw attention, and in that sense they are truly attractive. ...more

I see your point. I'm more of a covert ops type person myself .... I am a semiotic ...more

Soar on!

This morning, I woke up praying for Brian.  I prayed that Brian would wait on the Lord, that his strength would be renewed, and that he would soar like the eagle.  I prayed that God would encourage him and refresh him....more

Motherly Advice

Faith is taking the first step even when you can't see the whole staircase. ~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr....more

False Buttons: What If There IS Something You Can Do About It

A few months back I was with a friend who was telling me about all the problems she was facing in life, which were overwhelming. The problems ranged from financial to medical and were affecting her whole family, including her parents and her children. She concluded her part of the conversation with this statement: "But, there's nothing I can really do about it." I looked at her and said, "What if that's a lie?" ...more

It's so hard to catch because it is a knee-jerk reation at the gut level. I had to pay such ...more

Women and Power: An Uncomfortable Pas de Deux

“Power is neither male nor female.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe I’ve been a “feminist” since the early 70s (back when it wasn’t a dirty word or something many mainstream women backed away from endorsing out of fear they’d be cast as some power mad, man-hating, dare I say “bi…” (okay, I didn’t say it). Despite this one constant in my life however, I admit to engaging in a decades-long struggle with my own authentic power....more

The Power Of Woman: Sexy Or Scary?

Women are friggin’ powerful. And during that fertile time of the month, our power escalates, especially with respect to how the opposite sex responds to us. At least, that’s what the research shows. This scares the hell out of some people....more

Love your article. It couldn't be more on point. I can always tell when the women I work with ...more

Will Handbags Unite Women on the Left and the Right?

Over the past few months, I've had a number of conversations with women on the left about how right and left-wing women can work together....more

Stop Punishing Man, He's Already Apologized

Men in general have become the subject of fierce backlash from women who feel they need to fight for their power and noticeability in this world.  In their foot stampede, women have left a trail of trampled hearts and bones, of those men who have been made to feel worthless, weak, and stupid.  Art reflects life, and we don’t have to look too far into movies and television to see this… the dufus father, the clueless husband.  While of course there are a few duds out there, our men are ...more