Why Appearances Matter--and Corrupt

In response to pasionate comments both pro and con on my previous post, What Did Sarah Learn?", I have been thinking a lot about why it matters that Sarah Palin uses her looks, her cutesy down-home phrases, her flirty moves. All politicians use whatever it is they've got to appeal to voters, after all. ...more

Thanks for telling it like it is! :)



Thoughts To Ponder on Speech

The Spoken Word My children, I do not need to you to speak to prove that I am God. Your speech proves your obedience and trust in me releasing control to me. When you release control to me- you will not be able to keep up with me by word by mouth or any other means. if you are ashamed of me before man , I will be ashamed of you before the father Obey me Words and Power ...more

Back Bending With Grace Yoga Class

My Yoga Online - Check out this sample of Nico Luce's Back Bending With Grace Yoga Class. It can be viewed and practiced in its entirety in our Yoga Classes section for our members.  Not a member yet? Learn More about My Yoga Online now... ...more

Is There a Buddha in the White House?

I read A Path with a Heart by Jack Kornfield several years ago and one story that never left me was a Buddhist exercise in which you are to imagine that everyone around you, from your friends, family and coworkers to the person next in line at the grocery story, is an enlightened Buddha and they are all trying to teach you something. The game is to imagine that you are the only one who doesn't "get it" and your task is to learn the lesson the Buddhas are trying to teach you. ...more

When the Lights Go Out

Just as I was about to sit in and zone out to a special on the famous Romanov family that was on AMC my TV shut off on all it's own accord. GASP! To make matters worse the computer had zapped itself off as well. And, (close your eyes if this is getting too painful), so did my air conditioning! EEEEEKS! ...more

The Language of Political Speech and Power

I've been reading the posts about Hillary Clinton, the language she used and the shades of intended meaning about her remarks. Maria Niles covered this aspect in her post. Beneath the surface of her remarks there is so much more going on. ...more

When I get time I will post more of his speech on my blog. If PR/media people are some of ...more

Making the switch to solar with no upfront cost- by renting the panels.

If you can pay your electric bill, you can make the switch to solar. That's because Citizenre will install photo voltaic panels on your roof and rent them to you for the same price as your current average monthly electric bill. Plus, once you sign a rental agreement, your flat rental rate stays the same for the life of your 1, 5 or 25 year contract. Consider for a moment what one's energy bill might look like 25 years from now. ...more

Confessions of an Insomniac: Being human is a complicated gig

As humans, we have created such complicated lives for ourselves. We are an “advanced” species (this is still up for debate) that thrives on power, money, sex and time. As a result, we find ourselves in a web of greed forever seeking “happiness.” What is this happiness? Read the rest of this entry >> ...more

Where the Real Power Is!

"The moment we recognize our complete weakness and our dependence upon Him (God) will be the very moment that the Spirit of God will exhibit His power." -- No author assigned in CUT Oswald Chambers ...more

Privilege and Hair Gel

A little sum-sumtin' about my hair and my level of privilege here in Mexico. http://halfie.wordpress.com/2008/01/07/privilege-and-hair-gel/ ...more