A Bad PR Day

I've been in public relations for 18 years. During that time, I can probably count the number of really bad days on one hand (okay, maybe two…it is public relations after all). The day my first City Manager resigned was a bad day. When I learned he had died of pancreatic cancer, that was an extremely bad day. The day I was laid off. You get the idea....more

How Twitter Impacts PR

How would you characterize breaking news? I would define it in 140 characters (or less)! Yep, Twitter is PR’s tip of the spear. I once found out about an earthquake rolling my way in Los Angeles on Twitter before my building started shaking. Seems that it’s faster than Mother Nature, herself!...more

This is My Life

 As you know, when I’m in my working mommy mode, I live the glamorous life of chic PR chick. (Ha. Ha.) Today I had an event.In the city.Yay....more
 @TCStream Oh! I want one! It sounds perfect for tapping in a puddle and singing in the rain :)more

Little Things- Englebert Humperdinck


Taco Bell Fights Critics with Ad and Social Media Campaign

Say what you will about the quality of Taco Bell's menu, the fast food giant has consistently been stellar at one thing: Crafting messages that are memorable and right on the money with their target population and with contemporary trends. Now Taco Bell is pushing a concoction of snark, media buys and social media to manage the PR crisis prompted by a lawsuit that alleges that what the restaurant chain calls "beef filling" is only 35% beef. ...more

I have never actually eaten at Taco Bell. Just because there is something about the place that ...more

Branding: Where to Begin?

What #Amazonfail Teaches Us About Social Media Firestorms

Social media conversation storms are swift, powerful and quickly growing, and studying them is a new science (which I, in no way, claim to have mastered). But I think it’s important to pay attention to them because they hold lessons on how we should respond to our own firestorms when they eventually arise. ...more

Thoroughly enjoyed the insight on this post. I'm going to refer back to it next time something ...more

Amelia Earhart: The Real Deal, or Just Great PR?

No celebrated aviation pioneer’s biography is complete without the following scene: dreamy-eyed tomboy catches her first glimpse of an airplane in a cornfield somewhere, maybe buys a ten-minute flight around the patch for the change in her pocket. Thereafter, her fate is sealed, her gaze ever skyward....more

Smile! You’re On Camera!

We all know that person who ducks for cover every time a camera comes out.  Maybe you even are that person.  With the explosion of social media and online communities, it is getting harder and harder to not have a flattering headshot.  There just seems to be more and more call for using one for both professional and personal pursuits.  To stop hiding behind avatars of flowers or your children, follow these simple tips:  ...more