Do You Believe God Will Answer Your Prayers?

Have you ever felt like others’ prayers were more effective than your own?...more

Remembering the dead

Tagoloan town Catholic cemetery. Photo by Jong CassWHEN November comes around, my mind usually wanders back to my home country of the Philippines where we observe the annual All Saints Day and All Souls Day....more
Yes. Doing that today, and tomorrow.more

A wasted day of emotion

I wasn’t in good shape today. My Zosia girl is 12 years old, and the heat and humidity at Undisclosed was getting to her. The internet, being a curse and blessing, had me looking up symptoms on-line and I, quite frankly was losing it. I had no motivation to do anything today but to be by her side. It is amazing how conscious you can be of loss, or impending loss,as I felt when my parents were leaving me.I know Zush now tends to have issues like she had today: doesn’t make things any easier for me though. ...more

As Hard As I Can

Prayers for Peace, Love, and Victims Abound this Week

A to Z in the News -- May our Prayers Bring God's Quiet and Love By Mary Hill...more


Sending thoughts and prayers to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Mourning the loss of life and praying for the safety of the first responders.  Stay safe, everyone!...more

Calling all Angels


I married Bobby when I was 58 years old and he was 62. By that time, most people have lived their married life, had their children and moved on to retirement, together. We didn't have that chance. He was a widower and I had just lived through a divorce from a 24 year old marriage....more
 @Reda AMEN!!!more

Not Just Another F%$##! Statistic

This is taken from my daily blog (, so now someone I know has died of this disease of alcoholism and in a particularly horrific way.  She was about my age and leaves behind children.  She was in fact probably the age of my friend Vickie who died of breast cancer, and so this is the weird thing: they are both dead, they both leave behind teenage boys, and the similarity ends there....more

Prayers in Traffic

When you are stuck in traffic, it is a good time to catch up on prayers. Faith is not bolted to the pew. Our first house of worship is ....within and wherever we are. No one will object to our multi tasking. :) Lorraine...more