We Get Exactly What We Pray For

One afternoon, one girlfriend called another. “Hey girl, long time no hear! What’s up?”“Nothing.”“Nothing? If nothing why sound so down?”“I’m pregnant.”“Pregnant?!!! But that’s great! You asked God for a baby and look, He’s given it to you! How cool is that?”“Yes, but that was before ...”“Like … before what exactly?”“Well before I started night classes at university in February and before I found out I have to act in Karen’s position while she is on extended leave. I don’t have any time for a baby now!”“Well, did you tell God you’d have to get back to Him about the baby? Maybe He was confused …”“Look, let me call you back; you're so not helping me …” ...more

Five Finger Prayer

 Let the little children come to me....more

The Power Of Prayer

Let me start off by saying I am a true believe in the power of prayer. ...more

A Plethora of Empty Circles

The other night I had to shut it down. LC has been retiring to bed early this week, and it leaves me time for SSB. For those who don't know, SSB = Secret Single Behavior You know eating cereal for dinner, reading gossip mags, trolling the internet, doing absolutely nothing but watching real housewives. You know what I'm talking about! But, when you get to be my age, it just seems everyone is either A) getting divorce or B) having a baby. Divorces are sad. I've not experienced one and hope to never do so....more