Remember How Precious Life Is

Mike Robbins ...more


Facebook is an amazing thing, if you really think about it.  You can have 600+ friends, from every aspect of your life:  elementary school, high school, college, various jobs, freaks you met at a bar, people you work with…..on and on....more

(GIVEAWAY) Meeting Sapphire: Beyond Precious, Push or Even The Kid

"I'm not here to be your massage therapist," she said, leaning over to sign my copy of The Kid. "I'm here to tell a story." And then I watched Sapphire draw a big, puffy heart around the title, her signature as looping and graceful as her reading voice. ...more
Ah, Rita - you create the best giveaways. Would love to read this. Would have loved listening to ...more

Sapphire’s The Kid: Precious’ Child in Sequel to “Push”

Chaotic. Disturbing. Confusing. Brave. Those are words that float through my head as I try to think of what to say about Sapphire's The Kid, the follow-up her acclaimed first novel, Push. ...more
@TeeTee SPOILER ALERT: I may have missed it but I don’t think anyone tried to answer TeeTee's ...more

The White Lens: White Reviewers' Reactions to For Colored Girls, Precious

Call it being a tad sensitive because of the recent reviews by non-Black (and male) reviewers who have written about For Colored Girls, the movie that was based on the legendary play by Ntozake Shange, or call it simply being sick and of subjective thinking presented as fact: If y’all don’t agree with me there is something wrong with you. ...more

I’ll start by saying that I have not read the play, nor have I done “research to the ‘theme’ of ...more

Oscar is Still Such a Dude: Where are the Films about Women's Lives?

The nominations for the 82nd Academy Awards were announced this week, and despite a whooping 10 films nominated for Best Picture, once again Hollywood proves to be no country for old women. Or young women, really. Or at least the Best Picture nominees show us that as far as the content of Oscar-caliber films goes, the stories of women's lives don't tend to be made and don't tend to be celebrated in equity with stories about men's lives. ...more

I love your ideas for the alternative to the typical story lines, Deb. I would see those movies, ...more

Vanity Fair Magazine thinks Hollywood’s future is ALL-WHITE

The new IT-GIRLs? White Girls If you’re part of the white privilege world, you might not notice something strange about this photo, the cover of Vanity Fair extolling HOLLYWOOD! 2010....more

Poetry Friday: The Shine of Sapphire

Before all the buzz dies down around the already-laureled film Precious, we thought we'd stay in the glow of ...more

Shaniya Davis, Dead at 5, a Story Nearly as Ugly as the Movie Precious

CNN and bloggers report that the body of 5-year-old Shaniya Davis of Fayetteville, NC, has been found. Earlier today 200 people searched for the child's body after police received a tip that she was dead, say news sources. ...more
Everything has to be race related these days... Why is that? This poor, defenseless, beautiful ...more

Listening to 'Precious' on iTunes, an otherly experience to embrace.

For avid readers who prefer their own imagination to someone else's interpretation, audiobooks can detract rather than enhance. Recently I've enjoyed re-visiting Rebecca and The Castle of Otranto if only because my imagination dictated the first impression. ...more