UPDATED: NINE MEET-UPS THIS WEEKEND: Announcing More Pre-BlogHer '10 Meet-ups in TWENTY-ONE Cities!

Last week we kicked off the pre-BlogHer '10 Meet-Up series with a wonderful evening in New York City. But never fear, we have eight more meet-ups to announce, in cities all over North America! ...more

I have something else going on that morning--as long as that wraps up in time I'll be there! ...more

Houston Area BlogHer Pre-Conference Meet Up!

Things that are (at least rumoured to be) improved upon by the act of breaking:•    Bread•    Legs•    Bad•    Dawn•    Tameshiwari•    News•    Benjamins•    Vowels•    Electric Boogaloos*•    The Ice ...more

I would love to be there but my kid thinks she deserves a first birthday party that very night! ...more