Trouble in the Barnyard... Warning, Unpleasant Photo Ahead

Yesterday I was extolling the virtues of always having a smartphone handy at all times... But today, I'm kind of wishing it wasn't quite so easy to share info [heads up - if you are squeamish, maybe you should skip this post].My neighbour just sent me this image, snapped on her phone:...more

Keeping Pets (And You) Safe From Predators

I came across a post today regarding pets and coyotes. A couple had let their little Maltese have free access to an outdoor pen when they weren't home, and it got killed by coyotes as a result. The article was a good reminder that small animals - pets and livestock - need to be secured inside homes or predator-proof pens/buildings of some sort if no humans are out with them....more
Thank you for this reminder... earlier this month my Yorkshire Terrier was attacked while ...more

Sex Offenders & Halloween

There’ll be no Halloween this year…well at least not for many sex offenders in TN. ...more

Sexual Offenders or Predators in Your Neighborhood?

When was the last time you checked to see if any sexual offenders or predators live in your area? Or, have you ever checked? You hear about this on the news yet, many people never bother to look up this information. Sexual offenders and predators are living amongst us everyday, yet most of us don't bother looking them up. ...more

Preds Chat...It's Like Buttah (from "Confessions of a Cheese Grits Fiend")

This is me from September to April: ; We're a little past the halfway point in the season and Kevin, Stu and Alice are ready to put a pillowcase over my head if I use any of the following words in their presence ever again so help them God: ...more