What to Say to a Preemie Parent

What to say/do for a preemie parent...more

A Glimpse Into NICU and God's Healing Power

I’m not sure why we are played the cards we are played. Not sure why some families have 10 healthy kids, while others are unable to have kids, or have kids born unhealthy. I’m not sure why I was able to bring my baby home from the hospital, while others don’t get to. I’m not going to say our experience with Brock was any harder or easier than the next. But it is ours.  An experience that belongs to Ryan, Brock, and me.  It is a part of who we are and what makes us, us.This is Brock....more

Early on Arrival: The Power of Our Preemie Experience

My son’s teacher recently commented on my child’s insatiable love of books. “Did you read to him in the womb?”, she joked.  Her question was an endearing reminder of all he’s conquered since being born at 24 weeks weighing only a pound and a half.  ...more

Hope During the Holidays (Jax Takes His First Steps)

Truthfully, the holidays aren't as bright as they used to be.I used to look forward to this time of year. For many years, the only time I could catch a flight home was during the holidays - I looked forward to that time for months. The anticipation and excitement of seeing family and friends put a bounce in my step and cheer in my heart....more
Denise Now he's non-stop! It's so amazing and fun!more

Surviving the NICU: My Story

I've experienced nothing more helplessly frightening than giving birth to premature infants. I felt like I held my breath from the moment I rolled into the operating room until the moment we drove away from the NICU with three occupied car seats (honestly, I didn't let go of that breath for a long time after that). Trust is something that's normally earned, but with premature birth, trust becomes an instant requirement. ...more
Thank you for sharing your tips. When my baby was in the nicu, I couldn't find many tips for ...more

Parenting a Preemie in the NICU

Having a preemie changes your life. Joys become much more potent as you learn to savor your preemie's tiny victories. Your ability to cope with setbacks grows, and you find new strength within yourself. You become an advocate, a cheerleader, a fighter, and a believer in miracles. ...more

91 Days

I didn't believe he was real.I didn't believe he was mine.The photo in the plastic frame, hastily printed and put on my bedside table? I thought my sister had gotten it off the internet.It wasn't supposed to be like this.I didn't believe I'd ever really been pregnant at all.The giant bandage on my still-swollen belly was just another remnant from yet another procedure, in a long string of "just another procedure," in my 7 years of dealing with kidney failure....more

The First Time We Held Hands

I remember the first time your tiny little fingers wrapped around mine.  You were four days old. I still had not even been able to hold you, but you found a way to let me know you loved me. Inside that incubator you were fighting to grow, fighting to breathe, fighting to exist. 1lb and about 12 oz by then of pure strength. The diaper that was hardly larger than a panty liner engulfed your lower body. Your skin - translucent. Your coloring - pale. ...more