My pregnancy - 10 things I needed to survive!

Looking back, there are some things I would NEVER have got through pregnancy without. Here are my recommendations for what were really essential during my pregnancy....more

Creating & Procreating: Are You Giving Birth To Babies, Brainstorms, Books Or Businesses?

 I’ve been thinking about having another baby for four years now. Because I was the ripe old age of 36 when my daughter Siena was born, we started talking about it right away. In fact, my husband and I were so certain we were meant to have at least one more baby that I took my IUD out when Siena was eight months old and we were all ready to go at it again....more

Cold as Ice

Did I miss something here?Is it National Make an Offensive Comment About People with Disabilities Month?No?...more

My Pregnancy Hunger: Step Away From the Flax Seed

The latest development in my pregnancy is how incredibly HUNGRY I have become. It’s pretty scandalous how lustful I am for food. The other day, my husband Mike was telling me how he had lunch at Salty’s, one of my favorite Seattle restaurants, and I forced him to illustrate his meal in slow, vivid details. “Oh you had mashed potatoes? Were they creamy? Mama likes them rich and creamy. Yeah, you work it with your buttery carbs, you dirty side dish! YOU LOOK AT ME LIKE YOU HAVE A SECRET!”...more

Wow..! Lovely post... I couldn't stop ...more

Someone needs to take the negative PR off abortion's back!


I am always curious about views on abortion in other countries/societies. It perplexes me ...more

Pregnancy Farting: Et Tu, Boo-tay?

This weekend I was shooting a wedding when sometime during the reception, I farted. I was fortunate that the music was loud enough to mask it, but still. It was enough for me to feel paralyzed at the horror that the pregnancy farting has begun, and I can’t help it. You can’t unring a bell, and you can’t keep that molten air pocket from escaping my massive butt and releasing into the air. Even if it gets trapped in your pants and you have to shake it out because that air bubble is so obvious!...more

been there too!

I heard one said that farting is one of the best things in life - ...more

The Trimesters of Life - SAHM Project - Entry Six

Pregnancy and I have a love/hate relationship. I am not one to have an easy time with pregnancy in the first trimester. I'm the mama with her head in the toilet, the trash can, the parking lot of Target, the random grocery bag I find lying in my car. It's just not a pretty thing. There is no beauty, no poise, no food left in my stomach. But it is also during this time that I am most excited at the prospect of this new little life inside of me. ...more

Pro-life versus Pro-dad

By Maryanne Comaroto Let me start by saying that this is not a blog - it's a rant.  I hope I can have your attention anyway, and I know that many of you will be able to relate to this.  As someone who has been a single mother for more than a decade, this is an issue that is very important to me, so you'll forgive me if I use some strong language. ...more

Taking on the Biological Clock

Last Fall Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Think Out Loud Show did a piece on “As We Are: Childfree.” Tiffany Lee Brown, a writer and artist, was a guest on the show, and told an interesting story about her experience of the biological clock.  She decided not have children in her 20’s, mostly because she felt that living an artist’s lifestyle would be incompatible with parenthood....more

Sucker Punch to the Gut

Jen @ ...more