Pregnancy & Baby Talk: 30 Weeks and Counting

It's amazing how much time has already passed in this pregnancy! 30 weeks, means there are only about 10 weeks left. That's still a good 2 1/2 months, but whoa, the time is flying by!What's even more amazing is 25 Weeks...more

Pregnancy & Baby Talk: Full of Questions

Today has been one of those days, the one where I'm just asking myself all kinds of questions....more


Uggh....I'm not getting to this here blog like I want. It's frustrating me. But, so is the endlessly dirty, disorganized, and messy house these days. If it's not one thing, it's another. I'm either busy helping Hun with something, while we both battle Baby Boy's inquiries and ever more endless interruptions, trying to get a little rest or relaxation, cooking, sweeping the kitchen floor for the one millionth time (it seems), feeling a bit sluggish, or just generally not getting anything done....more

Postpartum Essentials

You've done all your research and shopping for everything baby could possibly need, but what about you? Did you remember to remember you? It is so important to take care of yourself so you can be the best shape possible and enjoy that blissful newborn stage. Recovering from childbirth is certainly not glamorous and perhaps not something you want to think about before your first delivery, but take my word for it--you'll want to have this stuff on hand!  ...more

For The Ladies Who Hate Being Pregnant

"Pregnancy is a gift from heaven.""I just love the feeling of knowing a tiny human is doing laps in my uterus!""I ran a half marathon when I was eleven months pregnant - it was transcendent!""I was hornier than a two-headed triceratops the entire time I was pregnant. My husband hardly knew what to do with me!!!"Okay, I may be paraphrasing some of these a little. But you get the point. There are women who are so dang jubilated to be pregnant they practically have a nine-month orgasm....more

Prenatal Paranoia

When I looked at my precious twin sons, especially in their early years, marveling at their innocence and beauty, I often let my finger trace clusters of freckles near their noses. I gently brushed back unruly, brown hair, with enviable red highlights, and kissed the softest skin around their eyes....more

My Second Trimester Workout

Many sweet, sweet co-workers, friends, and family members have commented recently about how well I'm carrying this pregnancy. Many didn't even know I was pregnant until I cam back to work from February Break, at which point I was 19 weeks along....more