Pregnancy The Second Time Around

Taking a little vacation has given me a second to take a step back and reflect on this pregnancy. Gosh are there so many differences between my pregnancy with Mallory and this one...yet, countless similarities all at the same time. ...more

Shopping For Baby #2


Baby Items for New Moms

Tuesday, 6 January 2015 Hi everyone,Today I will be sharing a general list of baby items I recommend to all of my pregnant friends and those with newborns. So many of our friends and family are having babies right now which is very exciting!Baby ItemsBibs (20)Large burping bibs (4)...more

Pregnancy Must Haves [Part 1]

Now that I'm more than halfway finished with my second pregnancy (?!??!), I wanted to share some of the products that I've been loving in the maternity world. Part two of this post will come near the end of my pregnancy as I grow more large and in charge. ;)  ...more
After the fact, use just use striafade for stretch marks.more

Pregnancy Envy

I used to have pregnancy envy.  When I first became infertile after my hysterectomy and could no longer get pregnant naturally, I started to resent those closest to me who were becoming pregnant.  I suffered those first few months following my hysterectomy by being angry at my body for betraying me and and feeling great sadness at what would no longer be....more

Poor Duchess Kate! 7 Things You Need to Know About Morning Sickness

Oh morning sickness, you heinous beast, a rite of passage for many moms-to-be.  I have a love-hate relationship with it because on one hand, I’m miserable.  On the other?  It’s a great sign that everything is progressing well. As the weeks slowly pass and the nausea remains every minute of every day (just like Duchess Kate, I'm told, I’ve had a few thoughts on the subject. ...more
Oh morning sickness is the worst! I actually got sick before I even missed my period! Since I ...more

On Pregnancy and Loss: How to Deal With the Pain of Miscarriage

I wish I could share some happier news with you. ...more
JenniferBArlin Thank you Jennifer, and I'm sorry to hear about your experiences with this, too.more

Thoughts and Worries on Being Pregnant Again

I recently just found out that I'm pregnant again. We were trying, so it isn't something that comes as a shock to me. Honestly, I'm a bit shocked that it took as long as it did, seeing as how we did the deed a few times a day over the last few months. That's not really what my concern is. Or what's been racing through my mind. ...more

The Very First Pre-Seed Baby

Pre-Seed® is giving away these awesome Pre-Seed Baby onesies! Too bad I didn’t have this for my son, who was the original FIRST Pre-Seed baby  or as I used to call them “Seedlings.” Seeing these onesies made me want to share my favorite Pre-Seed stories. Of course, my all time fav is right next to me in this picture. ...more