Gestational Diabetes Is No Joke, Friends

Big sigh. I just left a super stressful OB appointment that included words like “induction” and “stillbirth.” I’ve cried three times since leaving that office, technically four times if you count the tears at the reception desk while scheduling my next appointments. A cell phone with a dead battery didn’t help the growing suffocating feeling of isolation and dread that spread quickly through my body immediately after my doctor walked out of the room....more

Mommying is like Dancing (and Drugs)

Ballet is an extremely important part of my life that I have tried my best to grasp on to even as my family has grown and moved around the world....more

The Finale: Never Doubt a Mother's Intuition

It was a dark, stormy night...well, actually, it was daytime and pretty sunny---oh, and hot as hell. Mother Nature finally got over her PMS, and it was gorgeous out. With bed rest lifted and the weather cooperating for once, Piggle and I decided to take full advantage with a much-needed trip to the park. Luckily, our playground of choice is less than a ten minute trek from our house---even with a toddler who begs to stop and smell every. single. flower along the way....more

Seven weeks and already on bed rest

Let me start by saying I am new at blogging, so please be patient with me.  ...more

And then there were 3 - Dealing with complicated pregnancies

There’s a fresh, hot, Cinnabun in my oven and the timer’s set for January. January 6th to be exact. Although, taking into consideration the way the eclair and the danish cooked up… we’ll need to be prepared by December 1st, at the latest. I have waited to make the “official” announcement due to many factors, the main one being that my pregnancies always seem to be as much fun as a cake-less birthday party and as difficult as pushing a car with square wheels up a hill – both ways in the snow, of course....more

14 Days Later

May 6th, 1999 was the day I was expecting to give birth to my son, Jaden. Days before I literally had my bag packed and I was impatiently waiting for something to happen. No contractions. No water breaking. No nothing. I was sitting at work on May 7th, and was getting antsy. I didn’t want to be stranded on the NYC subway system giving birth on the PATH train and then risk being featured on the evening news. ...more

He's the best pain in the ass you've ever had!more