Surrendering to pregnancy hormones (and how it can be empowering)

A few months into my first pregnancy, I woke up in a mood: a mood induced by pregnancy hormones. Wow, here it was. I felt totally out of control of my emotions. I was irritated and disappointed and no amount of rationalizing in my head or trying to distract myself could change it. I was stuck. I didn’t feel like myself and didn’t want anyone to realize that I had become that “crazy pregnant lady.” I so didn’t want to be her, but there I was feeling crazy and out of sorts. I had no idea what I was going to do....more

A rapidly decreasing wardrobe, and a quickly expanding waistline...

It's a wonder I managed to leave the house at all this morning. Due to a barrage of wonderful pregnancy symptoms (bloating, GI issues, water retention) all perfectly aligning, my body appeared to have temporarily swelled to far beyond it's normal size. Seriously, from my toes, to my knees, to my upper arms, I swear everything I owned (including the outfit I had donned just yesterday - erm, hello?) were in coalition with their refusal to zip up, button or generally fit me in a way that could be socially acceptable to leave the house in.Well, bugger....more