Hubby and I took advantage of this perfect 68 degree April Sunday by visiting a local park near our new apartment (we even did a little jogging with the stroller and baby!) and it was quintessentially the most beautiful weekend afternoon. While there, we passed a rather pregnant mama-to-be and I had to ask hubby, "did I really ever look like that!?" It was only 3 months ago that I was carrying our little sweet pea and yet amnesia seems to have already taken place....more

Our Preoccupation with the Perfect Pregnant Body

Rumors swirled this week about the suspected, but likely soon-to-be-officially-confirmed, second pregnancy of pop star Jessica Simpson. ABC News blogger Luchina Fisher encapsulates the skewed cultural mindset when it comes to women and body image when she writes: “Jessica Simpson could be gaining back some of the 60-plus pounds she lost after giving birth to daughter Maxwell Drew in May.”...more
@Sandra Kohlmann I am short and overweight with a giant, stretch-marked pregnant belly that I'm ...more