Finally My Answer Part 1

I walk to the front door, and before I open it, my last thought is to make sure I find out if he wants to have anything to do with the baby or not. Stop skipping around the issue; can I just have an answer already?As I pull the door open, I stand there with no reaction. He takes a step inside and immediately hugs me. I, put my arms around him, feeling comfort once again. I pull away and go to the couch. We sit side by side, as he speaks the first words, “I’ve missed you.”My bitterness takes hold as I respond, “It doesn’t seem like it.”...more

This One Crazy Summer...

There are moments in life that unequivocally change everything, whether by fate, or God, or a conscious decision made, after that minute passes, your life has changed so completely you will never be the same because of it. My most significant moment happened so long ago, it seems like it was a past life. But as these moments go, I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the summer of my 21st year, I was terrifically reckless and hopelessly in love with life....more