Hello Second Trimester

I must admit, the second trimester is definitely better than the first trimester. My appetite is back, I have a lot more energy and I’m feeling more like myself. And my husband and daughter are definitely noticing the change. My daughter even said, “mommy, you’re not living in the bathroom anymore”! LOL! Even she’s happier to see my nausea go away. ...more

TWW From a Wife's POV & Why Craft Store Stocks Shot Up

Now that our first two week wait (TWW) is almost over, I thought I would share what it’s like from the partner’s perspective. Though we’ve been approaching this process and this blog with levity, this stuff ...more

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Pregnancy: Learning to Cope

Anyone who's ever felt that 'run down' feeling, had that cold that they just couldn't shake or experienced the nagging feeling that they're body is acting years beyond what it should be, has had a glimpse into what many Chronic Fatigue Sufferers cope with every single day....more

A rapidly decreasing wardrobe, and a quickly expanding waistline...

It's a wonder I managed to leave the house at all this morning. Due to a barrage of wonderful pregnancy symptoms (bloating, GI issues, water retention) all perfectly aligning, my body appeared to have temporarily swelled to far beyond it's normal size. Seriously, from my toes, to my knees, to my upper arms, I swear everything I owned (including the outfit I had donned just yesterday - erm, hello?) were in coalition with their refusal to zip up, button or generally fit me in a way that could be socially acceptable to leave the house in.Well, bugger....more

New second trimester pregnancy symptoms made my weekend complete

I feel very pregnant today. Just thought I’d kick things off with that. I’ve been hearing all about this laundry list of second trimester pregnancy symptoms and I think about five of them hit me with full force over the last week or so. Seriously. And as a TMI WARNING, they’re not all the most flattering symptoms I could have imagined....more

Guess Who is Going to be a Big Sister?

So, remember how I've been craving eggs? And chocolate? And I couldn't wait for my parents to arrive at our house? And that time I mentioned I couldn't eat gluten while I was pregnant with L?...more

How the two week wait stole my sanity and replaced it with tiny pizzas

I haven't been posting because I've been too busy trying to stay sane. I'm struggling to focus on work, which has received scant attention of late. I've been able to pull it together for my patients, but when I'm alone...not much productive going on. Instead, I'm spending lots of time trying not to think about the presence or absence of every strange twitch and bloat in my body. You know the symptoms everyone goes on and on about: sore breasts, uterine cramping, light spotting, fatigue, nausea, urinary frequency? ...more