What Are Some Early Signs Of Pregnancy?

Being pregnant is the dream and goal of many women out there who are in long-term relationships or otherwise. If you think you are pregnant, or you’re looking get pregnant and know as soon as possible, you certainly aren’t alone. So, here are some great early signs of your pregnancy that you can look for in yourself, and while it won’t be a guaranteed result until you go to the doctor and get tested, this will give you a great start on telling whether or not you are pregnant. Here are the signs to look for in your changing body....more

How Not To Use A Pregnancy Test

The other day I took a pregnancy test. Since I know that little law of physics that says change in behavior occurs when something is being observed, I found a spot in a window sill high enough that the kids would not likely see it and I walked away....more

How Many Pregnancy Tests Does It Take...

 Sometimes things don't go exactly the way you imagine. When I still lived in Slovakia, there was a TV commercial (I want to say it was for Nescafe) in which you got to see a sequence of happy life moments. Picture a young couple. She hands him a little package, he opens it and pulls out a pair of tiny shoes. His eyes lit up once he realizes what the message means, then he hugs her and the scene changes to something else, perhaps a little girl getting a kitten for her birthday. I don't remember the rest anymore....more

How Exactly Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

Chronologically speaking, we have sex, a sperm cell fertilizes an egg cell, said fertilized egg implants into our uterus, our bodies up the production of hCG, and we pee on a stick to find out if all of these things really happened. But, exactly how do these little wands of destiny work? ...more
FWIW I did another test this morning which came up negative.  So it appears that although it was ...more

Time for a baby-making break

Another negative pregnancy test result today....The worst part, perhaps, is that since I'm taking progesterone, my body feels pregnant for the time that I'm taking it. On the one hand, it helps me from getting my hopes up; I can blame the changes on the progesterone (like that song...blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol). But on the other hand, having had a miscarriage at 8 weeks, I remember what it feels like to be pregnant. It adds to the rollercoaster and helps ease the dips at the same time....more

The Pregnancy Test...

On Thanksgiving 2009 I took a pregnancy test. The test said "Pregnant." (I mean it actually said "P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T" the kind that literally spells it out for you) I gasped.  [gasp] I screamed, just a little bit. [aahhhhh!] My husband asked, "What?" with a worried sick look on his faced. He glanced at my hand. He looked at my face. He said, "You're kidding, right?" I said, "Look." He looked. I cried. I thought he was going to cry. He didn't....more

Pregnancy Scare

Today is Friday and your period was due on Monday. Here you are again – a pregnancy scare, guaranteed to be a sobering moment for any couple in love. Dating sure is hard in the grown up world. Too early to confirm or deny the suspicion, you wait a few more days before you fork over the ten bucks and pee on the stick. You still hope it’s stress that’s taken your period hostage. “Stop thinking about it and it will come,” you keep repeating the mantra. ...more