New Mothers and Postpartum Depression

Warning: I am going to get on a soapbox here because I am SO VERY PASSIONATE about this subject. Screening for postpartum depression should be required practice by the delivering Ob-Gyn practice that delivers babies for every new mother.  It should be an included part of the "Well Mother and Baby" program that every insurance company and most Ob-Gyns offer.  ...more

Excellent points - it's like marriage: everyone spends time no the wedding; what about the ...more

Mommy Judgment - When Strong Opinions Hurt More Than Help

I love good advice. I especially value advice from those I respect and admire. I admit, I don't ask for advice enough. But, I am often not sure where to turn. On some issues I have a tendency to seek advice from my family and friends. On other issues I might search the internet, read a book or even pay an "expert." But, what makes an expert? Education? Experience? Popularity? Extreme conviction? ...more

About a month after we arrived home with our daughter, I stopped listening to other people's ...more