Scheduling Your Pregnancy?

Scheduling Your Pregnancy? FROM @ ...more

Check Your Oral Health BEFORE You Become Pregnant Says AAPD

In response to the increased risk of preterm births and low birth weight babies of pregnant women with periodontal disease, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recently revised its oral health guidelines for pregnant women. Accord to the press release, the guidelines are based on: ...more

Pregnancy and the Single Woman

Pregnancy can be a worrisome time for any expectant mother but more so when you're going through it without a husband or partner — either by circumstance or by design. This week “What to Expect” pregnancy expert Heidi Murkoff weighs in on two important issues: Q: "I'm single and excited to be pregnant - but also a little worried. How can I handle this alone?" ...more

Questions of selfishness, selflessness, and growing a baby inside of you.

Nine Months to Life Since I learned how to walk, talk, get dressed and form an actual thought, my ...more

In which I find out I'm pregnant and fall down in shock.

Nine Months to Life   ...more

Advice by Invitation Only

In the past year or so I've had several friends get pregnant and have babies for the first time. I've noticed a trend when people come across pregnant women: word vomit. You know, the uncontrollable urge to spew out every birthing experience/story and piece of advice about parenting and babies you've ever heard? ...more


My sweet little angelYou have finally come to me.You are everything in my heartThat I dreamed you to be.You light up my life.You soften my soul.You make everyday happy.You make me feel whole.Tiny feet to kiss.Tiny hands for mine to hold.Ocean eyes and a smile like the sunrise,You are my darling, my sweet little guy.What a wonderful giftGod has sent to me.My adorable baby boy.My favorite Timothy. ...more

Top 10 signs you've been pregnant too long

10. At your doctor's office, they're talking about inducing you. But it was the janitor in the elevator who suggested it first after taking one look at you. 9. You won't be held accountable if you happen to punch the next person who says to you, "You don't look comfy," or "Are you sure it's not triplets?" (Both said to me in the past week.) 8. Family and friends who were once interested and excited in your upcoming birth are bored with you and have now moved on to talking about Jon and Kate. ...more

Diary of a Pregnant Girl

10/06/2009 Hi. ...more