The Organized Girl's Guide to the Perfect Hospital Bag

Alright, you guys know I love a good checklist. I’ve had multiple girlfriends request the checklist to end all checklists for packing the perfect hospital bag for them and their soon-to-be little bundles of joy. I can promise you that you will want to pack SO MUCH MORE than is on this list: don’t. You won’t ever take a hair dryer out of your suitcase but you (or your adoring hubby) will still have to drag it out of the hospital eventually....more

Rude Shit People Say to a Pregnant Woman

Have you ever noticed the pregnant rant statuses on Facebook? I have, from several people. And I thought to myself, who would say such a thing to a pregnant woman? I now believe every pregnant person goes through it.  Meaning... the rude comments and questions.I am only 4.5 months and gained about 9-10 pounds so far. Personally the only thing that has changed to me is - my ass  got plump (and I like it) - my face got a little rounder - and obviously my gut is growing. (DUH)...more

A New Mom, A New Disease

I was 7 months pregnant and lying in bed the night of January 14, 2015 when all of a sudden I felt what I describe as a small explosion in my right lower abdomen. I had felt this in a much smaller scale every time I had what I thought were heartburn episodes due to pregnancy . I instantly ran to the bathroom and began getting sick. I drank water and Pedialyte to try and rehydrate myself. I had been to the hospital twice in the last few weeks on suspicion of dehydration (my major complaints being back pain and heartburn) and I refused to go again....more

Science cracked the biological clock

I didn't believe that there was such a thing as a biological clock. And then I reached my late 20s and really, really wanted a baby. Fortunately for me, I already had the perfect guy and we were on the same path to marriage, baby and happily ever afterhood. I have a lot of friends who heard the ticking of their clocks earlier in life and had several children before I had my first. And I have a few friends who wanted to get their careers in order and didn't mind putting baby plans on hold....more

A Letter To My Unborn Son

Dear Son,...more


It’s amazing how obnoxious people can be when they speak to an expectant mother. I too was apart of this group until my fiance and I were blessed with a pregnancy and things changed!...more

And then there were three...

Hubby and I have been on and off about trying for a child of our own. Last October we started trying, it lasted about three months, to no avail. We're pretty impatient so I went back on the pill and decided maybe in a few months we could try again. We ended up buying a boat in January, taking full advantage of  living on the water. From January to April we have been out every weekend, through all types of weather, the good, the bad and the ugly....more

Never Thought I'd Be An Elderly Primigravida But Here I Am...

Elderly Primigravida. Sounds kind of intimidating and a little scary. Me, elderly? Common! But that's the category I fall into with my first pregnancy. I was 35 at conception and I'm turning 36 during my pregnancy....more

What I Ran Into: I'm Pregnant

So this happened. The Wife and I are expecting a new roommate in the summer! I recently received the results of the first set of blood tests - all normal, yo! So I finally decided to reveal this here. "What had happened was" I was 5 days late with my period, but because of my workload, I thought it wasn't a big deal. On the seventh day, God Oprah  told me to take a pregnancy test. Just kidding. I told myself to do it....more

Dana’s Corner: How to be Pregnant like a Boss

Our Director of Operations in our office is none other than Dana Case. Among the employees, Dana is known for always “keeping it real.” She keeps the peace, stays organized, and always tells it like it is - today’s post will be coming from the mouth of Miss Dana, realist and advice-giver extraordinaire.This little bundle of kicks and joy marks the second baby I will be having while going to work. So let’s just say that I’m putting “excels at being pregnant at the office like a boss” under the special skills section of my resume from now on....more