Diary of a newly married newly expecting twenty something.

The day before we were to celebrate our 4th lovely week of marriage, Friday, I felt the need to pick up a pregnancy test. Just to rule out pregnancy as a reason why I haven't started my period yet, why I have all the PMS symptoms, and why I've been going crazy over the past few days. I calmly lugged through Walmart, which I hate and avoid at all costs, and pleasantly found family planning section. I grabbed the clear blue tests with two in the box and 98.9% accuracy, and headed home. I grabbed a glass of water to get the juices going so to speak, and relaxed to some Gilmore Girls....more

Entry and Exit

I am about three weeks way from my due date, and my husband and kids are very excited to meet and welcome this new life into our home.  I am also excited, the most I've been out of all three kids (so far). It's a pleasant change, to not complain about how hard the end of pregnancy is, given that I was so miserable the last two times.  As I come to the end of my pregnancy, ready to give new life, my mother in Toronto is coming to the end of her life, with each day seemingly in more pain and depression than the previous....more


20 Weeks of Pregnancy and a Sonogram

We are half way there, through the pregnancy that is! On Monday, we had our sonogram and were able to see our little one, along with the heartbeat, and tiny feet.  We opted not to learn the gender, but to be surprised in May.  Everything went well with the appointment and our baby is already a whopping 11 ounces.  I take that to mean that my body has been selfish with the other 17 pounds I have already gained....more

10 Conversations NOT to Have Around a Pregnant Woman

 Maybe I’m just being sensitive.Scratch that. I am DEFINITELY being sensitive....more

25 and pregnant <3

I will eat my words. 3 months after my first blog I found out we are expecting!! I am now 16 weeks and it is surreal. I was getting really tired of hearing my husband say "When God wants us to get pregnant it will happen." He just didn't understand how it felt to be the one with fertility issues....more

Running around after little one(s) whilst pregnant

What makes it so difficult? Shouldn't it be easier second (or third) time round?...more

Red Meat Steak in the morning!! ...I'm not pregnant!!

How many times must I do an test to believe it is true? Well, after 3 tests giving me a negative, therefore a positive answer, I am not pregnant! Great! ...more