Pregorexia, My Response #Womenslives

 This post may be sensitive to some readers. The shame that comes from struggling with an eating disorder is like no other, the judgement, side eyes, and disapproving gazes are enough to make you want to lock yourself away, so imagine going through it while you are pregnant....more

Pregnancy and Body Image

When I engage in cardio workouts at my gym, there is nothing I like more than a mindless magazine. (Unless I run. Then I can't consume junk food for the brain because it's too hard to focus on a page while on a treadmill. If I run, I love me some mindless television, like America's Next Top Model or I Love New York.) Fortunately, my gym often offers issues of Us Weekly, InTouch, and/or People to its sweaty members for their guilty workout pleasures. ...more

So we all know that having a baby can possibly make your body "a lil ...more

Gwyneth Paltrow Wants Me To Be A Better Mom. And This Is Good For Me How?

So Gwyneth Paltrow has launched a new website. Which, I suppose, is better than launching yet another celebrity fashion line or celebrity perfume or whatever, but still - I'm finding it hard to feel entirely positive about this. ...more

Thanks for the great entry on pregorexia. It seems like everyday more and more “rexia” terms are ...more