Someday We'll Find It

One blog commenter recently challenged me with the phrase “if equality is truly your passion,” and that gave me pause. Is equality my passion, or was the death of Michael Brown just a news story that caught my attention for a few days? It was a fair question to stop and ask myself....more

Looking for Prejudice? You'll Find It.

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Crash Course: Holidays, Racism, and How to Apologize

A few thoughts and meditations on Halloween and various other holiday costumes and jokes that one might want to reconsider: Image Credit: Recoverlings, via Flickr 1) If I'm ignorant of the ways in which my action is stereotyping and/or mocking, I'm still stereotyping and/or mocking. 2) Describing myself as “ignorant” about something is not self-deprecating but a simple statement of fact—that I have something to learn;...more
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My neighbour actively avoided me today, not the neighbour who has gossiped about and bullied me for almost a decade, the neighbour who usually says good morning. Maybe its because I am the only single parent in my street? Although this was not through choice, i'm a widow and I have raised three wonderful daughters alone; one is now a teacher, one is at university and my youngest is an A* student who speaks five languages and she is only just 15. Maybe it is because my house started to fall apart through my times of grief?...more

Morality in Stripping

I Confess: I'm Prejudiced (And Ashamed of It)

I was at the grocery store one day and got in line behind a woman I recognized as the mom of a girl in my son’s kindergarten class. She had a pile of produce in front of her, and the cashier was holding a few Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) checks, which I realized are food stamps. The cashier told me to go to another check stand, because “this is gonna take awhile.”...more
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Don't Fence Me In

I wept the day our next door neighbors fenced in their backyard. I hid behind our dining room drapes so they couldn’t see me from their patio where they watched the work crew toss rolls of chain link from a pick-up truck bed to their mowed twice weekly grass.            “You lied,” I said softly, “when you promised the green spaces outside our homes would always be wide open, when  you told me the story of how years ago everyone on the street swore they’d never put up fences....more

Reviewing Books Without Prejudice: Can an Honest Review Turn on You?

Homosexuality. It’s my generation’s civil rights movement, and it affected my life recently in an interesting way. I review books for World Literary Café as part of their WLC Review Team. Every month, I choose four books from their selections and receive two to review. Since I pride myself on reading all genres and styles, I choose books based only on the covers. Could I go look up summaries? Sure. But I wanted to experiment with picking books solely based on my reaction to cover art....more
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We are all prejudiced.

One of them wore a dark-brown, baggie, hoodie such that I couldn't see his face. The other wore fatigues. They walked a pit bull across the street from where I sat in my car waiting for an NPR broadcast of the Moth Story Hour to end before heading into the pharmacy. I watched them with suspicion. On the sidewalk, between the church and the nursing home, the dog stopped to do his business. The boy in fatigues pulled a plastic bag out of his pocket and promptly cleaned it up. They kept on walking....more