A "NICU 101 Guide for Parents and Families." Please share if you think it can be valuable to someone you know.

Q (left) and E (right) sleep peacefully on a pillow in my lap after 1 month in the NICU....more

One Hour: For Anderson

Today I find my mind drifting back to Anderson and what he would be like today had he been choosen to walk this world.You see, while I was pregnant my friend was also pregnant. I was due in January and she in March. But her baby was born too early, too weak to survive, to even draw a breath. At only 27 weeks, Anderson barely had a chance. His momma has very aggresive Lupus and her health and his became very precarious. She was hospitalized a week before his birth with the understanding that he could come at any moment, that he may or may not make it. ...more

Baby Steps become Milestones

“The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but on significance – and then eve...more

My Favorite Post: "Finding Strength in Holland when I wanted to go to Italy"

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” ~ Buddha...more

The Hardest Thing I hope I ever write- part 2 of 3

Day 2 of a temporary break in my self depricating humor and blaming the worlds woes on celebrities and gravity. Today I am going to let you in to one of the most personal issues of my life. It’s a long post and probably not funny to anyone. I don’t apologize. If you haven't read part 1, you probably should do that first. OK so remember in Part 1 where I said this entire post /  thread would probably be controversial?  We are officially entering that part. This is where I try to explain a lot in a short post, I will fail.  ...more

Young Motherhood, The Truth and Nothing but the Truth So Help Me God ~part 3~

At home with my babies at last!  Most girls at my age were having the time of their life and didn’t have a real care in the world.  But me, well I had the whole world on my shoulders, it definitely felt that way.  I had a life or death scale in my hands at all times.  I was managing a situation that not even most 30 year old mothers had to deal with.  Most mothers have their children, mostly one at time, and they are for the most part healthy, not premature, their babies are not hooked up to monitors 24/7 that also went off at any given time, and most mothers didn’t...more

Young Motherhood, The Truth and Nothing but the Truth So Help Me God ~part 2~

Part 2The Real BeginningThis part of my tale is where true motherhood starts.  This is “The Rest of the Story”....more

Young Motherhood, The Truth and Nothing but the Truth So Help Me God ~part 1~

The morning of May 26th, 2002 I was packed and on my way to move back to South Mississippi, I had just graduated high school the night before and had been up all night at the senior lock in.  I had a full ride choir/show choir scholarship under my belt and I couldn't wait to start my new life in Escatawpa, MS and enjoy an awesome summer, hopefully catch up with some of my old friends from South MS and start college in the fall.  A week after I moved to Moss Point/Escatawpa area I got a job as a cashier at a brand new Barnhill's in Moss Point, right off the interstate.  ...more

Mom Follows Her Instincts, Revives 'Dead' Newborn with Kangaroo Care

After Australian mom Kate Ogg gave birth to premature twins at 27 weeks gestation, her doctor gave her the news no mother wants to hear. One of the twins -- a boy -- didn't make it, but that's just the beginning of this heartwarming story. ...more

when I first heard it. So heartwarming!

Jennifer Barr is a wife and working mom of two ...more

The tragedy of Madeline Spohr's death spurs a tidal wave of support

Within an hour of sitting down at the computer this morning, my Twitter client was filled with tweets about Madeline Alice Spohr -- the 17-month-old daughter of blogger Heather Spohr (whose blog has been temporarily suspended by BlueHost, doubtless due to the traffic surge) had unexpectedly passed away. ...more

thank you so much, Mir.

Even still, a few days later, I'm hungrily lapping up any ...more