The Angelina Jolie effect – the negative side of Premature Menopause

Having been prematurely menopausal for two and a half years (being diagnosed with Premature ovarian failure at the age 38), and having put my family through absolute hell, I can guarantee, that it’s no picnic to go through the grand climacteric, as Mrs. Angelina Jolie and her brilliant doctors might want you to believe....more

1 in a 1000

Last week, mistakenly sent out a mass email to their subscribers wishing them, "congratulations on your new arrival", with pictures of families and newborn babies.  I was one of the people who received this email, and as someone who doesn't have kids, I was wondering why I got it before they issued their retraction and apology. Awks. Their Facebook page was filled with comments from upset women who suffer from infertility and were offended by the email. So, why am I bringing this up? Because like those women who commented on their Facebook page, I too suffer from infertility....more