Labor and Delivery part 1

It is finally Monday morning at about 5 am and of course I haven’t been able to sleep all night. I know that I really needed to sleep and that it would be a really long, tough day but that made it even harder to relax. I also know that this will most likely be the day we will meet our little preemie girl. I am beyond nervous, worried about labor and delivery and terrified that something will be wrong with our baby. I feel unprepared and scared and I still feel like I could keep her in longer and that we would all be better off by that....more

The power of denial

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A glimpse into life with a tube fed child

As originally posted on my blog: http://josephathome.blogspot.comAnother little glimpse into life with a tube fed childFirst, we have maintained power and have not had any emergencies during the recent winter storm. Yay!!! Yesterday (Wednesday), we had sleet, freezing rain, and a little snow all day. It started late Tuesday night and lasted most of the day....more

Surviving the NICU: My Story

I've experienced nothing more helplessly frightening than giving birth to premature infants. I felt like I held my breath from the moment I rolled into the operating room until the moment we drove away from the NICU with three occupied car seats (honestly, I didn't let go of that breath for a long time after that). Trust is something that's normally earned, but with premature birth, trust becomes an instant requirement. ...more
Thank you for sharing your tips. When my baby was in the nicu, I couldn't find many tips for ...more

Parenting a Preemie in the NICU

Having a preemie changes your life. Joys become much more potent as you learn to savor your preemie's tiny victories. Your ability to cope with setbacks grows, and you find new strength within yourself. You become an advocate, a cheerleader, a fighter, and a believer in miracles. ...more

Flashback Friday: Lifestyles of the Small and Premature

For those of you familiar with the MTV show “Cribs,” please enjoy this installment of “Cribs: NICU” (ha ha). (Read the following an English accent in the stylings of Robin Leach.)While most babies are quickly bundled into their mother’s arms and shuttled out of the hospital mere days after birth, the small and premature enjoy luxury private accommodations where teams of qualified medical staff cater to their every whim.Think that’s impressive?...more
Loved your post. Thank you for sharing!    :)   ~Virginiamore

Voices of the Year

This is a Yay Me post. If that bothers you, come back tomorrow to see if I’ve done something like flash the church parking lot or dropped my child on his head....more
Yay!! A hearty CONGRATULATIONS to the both of us!!    :)   ~Virginiamore


I'm calling my blog "FINDING MAXINNE" because it's time...Time to find myself after years of losing myself to infertility, being what I thought a wife "should" be and being what I thought a mother "should" be. Like many women, I found myself questioning,"Who am I and how in the hell did I get here?". Somewhere during the years between being diagnosed with infertility and ultimately having my little girl diagnosed with cerebral palsy I lost my identity. This is not about returning to who I once was, but becoming who I really am.~Yours Truly...more
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I Am Normal

Two years ago today. I am normal! I’ve been released to general population!Yeah. We saw how well that went. Two loops later around the sun on this roller coaster and I’ve realized I am normal.Normal is a state of mind.Normal is needles – injections, blood tests, CBCs, glucose levels, HCG, infections....more

As The Dust Begins To Settle

Since my 4lb 10oz bundle of screaming joy was eight weeks early, he was  transferred from my body to a team of doctors and nurses there to assess him and make sure he was alright. After their original assessment, which was much better then expected I was able to hold my little man for 30 seconds (for real, a nurse timed it), and then they whisked him off to the NICU....more