Pregnant: Round Two & What to Do!

No, I am not pregnant!But, now that Hannah is nearly ten months old I have had a chance to reflect on the ups and downs of being pregnant. These are just a few things I did (or didn’t do) that I would do differently for round two. Also, I do not claim to be a doctor at all, but I do have an opinion. Please take that into consideration before you take me too seriously....more

More Than Just A Wall

More Than Just A WallPhotography and Text by Jules Hovee Steffen...more

Three Parts, A Portion of the Whole

Three Parts, A Portion of the WholePhotography and Text by Jules Hovee Steffen ...more

Exquisite Existence

Exquisite ExistencePhotography and Text by Jules Hovee Steffen...more

Pregnant? Take iron (and folic acid) to have a smarter baby

Most of us already knew to take folic acid when we were pregnant, but new research says that taking folic acid AND iron before and during pregnancy will make your kids smarter. In the study, kids whose moms took folic acid and iron showed: • higher reasoning skills • stronger cognitive ability • better motor skills • enhanced inhibitory control (I'm guessing this means a lower chance of ADHD) The theory is that iron deficiency during pregnancy can alter neurotransmitters in the baby's brain, which ofen impacs how fast they can process information....more

Fitness for pregnancy and into motherhood

Hot Mom Fitness Blogwww.hotmomfit.blogspot.comA blog about fitness and wellness during pregnancy and into motherhood.Learn about how to stay-in-shape, eat healthy and handle discomforts associated with becoming a mom and motherhood. ...more