Why didn't we believe more when it mattered?

 It has been a long time since my last Blog post. I believe it was right after the AME shooting. My heart was not in a lot of things after that night. However, as I am told and I say often: life goes on, memories last. So here I am.  Being Aware of the Danger... ...more

Even When You're Prepared

I thought I was prepared.It wasn’t the first time I’d ridden on the back of Dave’s motorcycle. I knew I’d get off the hard-as-a-rock seat and walk around for a few minutes, looking like I’d just dismounted a horse saddle. I expected it to a take a while for my feet to lose that vibration feel and my hearing to resume its full capacity. I anticipated the slight strangling feeling of the wind gripped around my neck.No big deal. For a forty-five minute drive, a sixty mile to the gallon tank is well worth the price of a little discomfort. Right?...more

The Pressure is Mounting

NaBloPoMo – January 5, 2014 The Pressure is Mounting...more

Honestly Good Food

AN HONESTLY GOOD TIME A month ago, I was in Chicago for a Blogging Conference. You know, the one that if you hear one more damn thing about you're going to scream?Yea. That one.Well, this post isn't about that... sort of....more

Are You Prepared?

As I write this, Hurricane Sandy is pummeling the East Coast.  Friends of mine as well as strangers all across social media are reporting power outages, downed trees, and even an entire facade of a building collapsed in New York City.  Here in the Midwest, we don't feel the threat of hurricanes like our coastal brothers and sisters do.  But we certainly have our fair share of horrific weather....more

Serene Sunday Getting Your Mind Right for Things to Come

Serene Sunday - there is a serenity that can be found in getting your mind ready for the things to come.Once in a while we have to do things that are hard. Once in a while we have to do things that are scary. Once in a while we have to do things that make us uncomfortable. It is always hard to do these things. We have to find a way to suck up the gumption to do the unpleasant thing. So what do you do?...more