What's the strength you're bringing to labor and delivery?

Many pregnant women worry about how labor and delivery will be and how THEY will be during that labor and delivery. It can seem like an intense situation where it’ll be easy for you to be thrown off of “your game.”I ask women: What strengths might you be able to leverage during your pregnancy? What are you good at?Whatever your innate strengths are, you can find a way to leverage them to help you enjoy your delivery process to the best of your ability and to know that you’re being YOU during labor....more

Mama Blessing: Not Quite a Shower, but Still a Celebration

My belly full of henna, a collaborative effort! When I was pregnant with Delilah, my sister and mother threw me a beautiful baby shower. People came from near and far to shower my baby with love. There were lovely decorations, tons of food, silly games, and oodles and oodles of very generous gifts. The generosity my little family was shown that day was such that when we found out we were expecting again, there was very little in the way of "stuff" that we needed! (Especially after several friends with sons passed along many bags, boxes, and bins full of hand-me-downs!) While I didn't want or need a "shower" this time around, I still longed for a celebration of some sort....more
This is an AMAZING alternative to showers!  I think it's just perfect!  I love it, thank you for ...more

5 Ways to Prepare for Natural Birth

When I became pregnant for the second time, it took visiting my local doctor once for me to decide that home birth was a must for me. And although I’d considered home birth on occasion, when I finally settled into that route for my birth, it became a life-changing endeavor for my husband and I. Birth can be empowering. Transformative. And such a positive experience. Natural birth. Home birth. It can be all of these things and more. So, for whichever route you choose to approach your upcoming birth from, here are a few very simple but powerful ways a mother can prepare....more