Life without preschool

My son is a product of preschool. My husband and I both work and our parents are either too far away or they also work and were not able to watch him for us. So, off to school he went. It was crazy expensive, but the costs of him going outweighed the cost of me quitting my job. And, thankfully, he loved it. In preschool he learned most of what his teacher is covering now in Kindergarten....more

How to get your kid ready for school in 40 easy steps

Getting a kid ready for school in the morning, especially after a school break, is a dreaded chore that can give parents nightmares for days in advance. It's a struggle that every parent of school-going kids can relate to. Here's my composite take on what transpires at daily basis (more or less) in our home during the morning struggle. I hope parents everywhere will identify with this and get a good laugh over it....more

5 things I packed for back to school

The Pre-Pre-School EditionMy son hasn’t even turned 3 yet and he’s starting a full day-care program. I was sent a list of things to pack for him prior to his first day. It starts! The Back to School scurry has officially begun for our household. I recently made a back to school haul, so I thought I’d write a post about the kinds of things a toddler needs for starting school. I’m going to skip the entire list, and just focus on 5 items. I guess I’ll be reviewing some of these items. So its a list + review!...more

10 Preschool Concerns From The Mom Of A Loose Cannon

Originally Published on Pecked To Death By ChickensMy daughter aced preschool (if it is even ace-able) and other than a stray butterfly on day one, I never gave it much thought....more
This makes me feel better :)more

Preparing Your Child for Preschool

The time is getting closer and soon your child will be heading off to preschool. This generally happens between the ages of three to five. Preschool can be an exciting time for both parent and child....more

Preparing for Separation Anxiety

Yesterday I shared - Preparing Your Child For Preschool Today - Separation Anxiety. ...more

5 Reasons You Should Hug a Preschool Teacher

Currently, I am doing some part-time substitute teaching in a preschool classroom, which is a fairly new experience for me. Though I was a teacher once upon a time, I worked with high school and middle school students. So we are talking about pretty much the entire opposite end of the spectrum here. I always used to think I didn't I have the special kind of patience required to be a preschool teacher. Older kids don't need the same type of refined discipline and meticulously crafted rules as the little guys. I mean, that attention to detail is exhausting....more


A lot of people have been wondering how are homeschool is going and I am so happy to share this awesome curriculum with you. It’s been so nice to follow our own schedule and has made our lives super flexible. We can work ahead, take longer breaks or even break out work at the dinner table. My little guy enjoys school so much it feels more like an activity to him versus “work”. And with our crazy busy schedules it’s nice to spend so much quality time together....more

Let the Princess Be

  All too often, I find parents debating whether princesses are good for our girls psyche. Allow me to submit a few thoughts to the pro-Princess debate....more
I agree!  I really loved the metamorphosis comment tied in with butterfly.  Beautiful use of words!!more