Kid, you’ll move mountains

How else could I possibly begin this without a quote from Dr. Seuss?  My tiny, preemie baby is grown enough to start preschool.  To have a teacher.  To make friends.  To participate in stimulating discussions about fruits and vegetables.  Words from Oh, The Places You’ll Go are quite appropriate here....more

Who Puked in the Pool and Shut it Down?

Who Puked in the Pool & Shut it DownOn December 12, 2013, in Crazy Stuff, ...more

Welcome Back to Snake-Handling Preschool!

Dear Parents,...more

Study shows it's how kids count that counts when playing board games

A new report from Boston College and Carnegie Mellon University has found that board games that require children to "count on" rather than just "count from 1" are more beneficial in terms of numerical skills....more

Homeschool Recap for October

     It's not quite the end of October yet, but I thought I'd recap the things we have been working on for the last month or so.  I'm having a hard time getting my mind around what this next year will bring, and I know that if I could focus more on what we have accomplished, it will feel more like we are on track....more

How mid-day naps boost learning in preschoolers

Some publicly funded preschoolers are under pressure to drop nap time in exchange for more curriculum-focused time.But a new study from the University of Massachusetts Amherst has found that daytime naps are significant in early learning as they help with memory consolidation.And no, you can't just get a good night's sleep to recover memory consolidation time if a kid is nap deprived. It's especially helpful if the nap is taken soon after something important is learned....more

Don't Trust Your Instincts

I know - it flies in the face of conventional parenting wisdom.  You always are supposed to trust your instincts as a parent, when that little voice tells you that the fever is something serious, get it checked.  When your child answers "nothing" in an innocent tone of voice when you holler in to see what's going on, and your instincts tell you otherwise, most often they're in the middle of something they shouldn't be doing.  And when your instincts tell you that your child is scared and vulnerable and anxious, and wants only to be picked up and comforted - don't do it....more

A Reflection on My Preschool Teacher on their First Day

She has a kind face.That was my first impression when meeting my boys' preschool teacher last week.She has a kind face.Of all the characteristics I might hope for in her, the first of many souls to guide my children along their way, kindness tops the list.  And she has a kindness in her eyes that suggests years of guiding little souls along the way.That thought brought comfort this morning as I delivered my boys on their first day....more

Surviving Kindergarten from ‘Mom’s’ Perspective

My son just started Kindergarten this week and he was nervous but he did awesome.  He was excited to pick out his new school clothes, he thought riding the bus was cool and he even made a new friend the first day, but what about mom?!? ...more


On the night before the night before preschool we asked Josie what she wanted to do on her last day of summer vacation.She sat and thought really hard until she finally said, "Balloons. I think, yellow for my first, and for my second one...purple."Josie continued with requests for cupcakes and something "fabulous." Excitedly, she went on about the balloons and how she wanted to let them go, and watch them fly to the clouds until they popped....more