Teach Kids About Plants and Vegetables: Grow Sprouts in a Jar

Teaching kids how to grow sprouts in a jar combines several wonderful lessons: It is a hands-on exploration of the life cycle of plants. It is a practice in patience (though one well paced for young pre-schoolers since there are new results every day). It provides practice for following simple directions. It instills responsibility in caring for something and seeing the product of that caring. And it is an excellent way to get kids excited about vegetables and healthy eating - with a nice lesson about nutrition tied in. Not only that, it's fun!...more

The Five Days of Christmas, and Sleepy Gratitude

I have been sleeping in to nine or ten am, wearing my jammies until well into the afternoon, and eating whatever I want – regardless of nutritional value – for almost a week.  I've been napping in the car on the way to visit family, reading books in the bathtub until my extremities are thoroughly wrinkled, watching movies with my beloved into the wee hours of the morning, and waking to the sound of my children munching Fruit Loops and gaming on LeapPads.  I've been dining out in the middle of the day, stuffing myself past capacity, and rolling home to drink wine and tidy my office...more
I have no complaints about your photos. :) @DesiValentine4more