My Kid Can Read. So There. Quack,My child is eighteen months and knows all his letters.  Now what?Sincerely,Little Miss Awesome*     *     *     *     *Dear Little Miss Awesome,...more

Preschool Couture: When She Dresses Herself

One of my favorite times of the day is when my oldest daughter chooses the clothes she is going to wear. It is so fun to see what she picks, and to hear her describe why she has made her choices....more
 @Lucky Emily That post you wrote was so perfect.  I loved it, especially the comment from your ...more

Big Girls Don't Cry

Is there a cap on the number of tears that can fall from my toddler’s eyes on a given day?  Where is all of this water coming from anyway?  She certainly doesn’t drink this much.    This week on her preschool’s activity schedule: ALWAYS cry over spilt milk.  I don’t know if this is a phase or she’s picking up bad habits from her peers, but my daughter has cried more in the past two weeks, than in the past 4 years.  At this rate, it may be beneficial to purchase stock in Kleenex. ...more

Birthday Party Planning Post-Mortem

We had my daughter’s first, real birthday party on Saturday.  By real, I mean inviting people other than her relatives.  By real, I mean not just letting a bunch of waiters sing Happy Birthday to her, hand her an ice cream sundae and slap a sombrero on her head.  I didn’t want to have a birthday party for her, unless she could tell me the names of the friends she wanted to invite and this was the year.  Four was her lu ...more