A lot of people have been wondering how are homeschool is going and I am so happy to share this awesome curriculum with you. It’s been so nice to follow our own schedule and has made our lives super flexible. We can work ahead, take longer breaks or even break out work at the dinner table. My little guy enjoys school so much it feels more like an activity to him versus “work”. And with our crazy busy schedules it’s nice to spend so much quality time together....more

Let the Princess Be

  All too often, I find parents debating whether princesses are good for our girls psyche. Allow me to submit a few thoughts to the pro-Princess debate....more
I agree!  I really loved the metamorphosis comment tied in with butterfly.  Beautiful use of words!!more

If you're debating between half-day and full-day preschool, read this

If you've been debating whether to put your child in preschool, or whether to do it part-time or full-time, read on. New research indicates that full-day preschool is associated with increased readiness for kindergarten.In this study, the researchers looked at 982 predominantly minory 3- and 4-year-olds in 11 Chicago child-parent centers that run both PT (3 hours/day) and FT (7 hours/day) programs.The full-day kids were 4 years old for this study.The results after a year were that the full-day kids had higher scores in 6 subcategories compared to the part-day kids:...more

Farm Preschool Scavenger Hunt {Homeschool Preschool Projects}

This is a fantastic fall activity to do with your little ones! Bundle up, pack a snack, and head to your local family farm for a fun scavenger hunt!...more

DIY Kids' Art Display

I'd like to share this quick and easy DIY project I did to display November's very first water color paintings in a fun, artistic way!November had just started learning how to water color. They were so cute, I needed some awesome way to display them! ...more