Moment of the Week - 144: The Journals

I know, I know, you're all like, we get it, your kids graduated from preschool. But these journal entries are worth another entry....more

Preschool Pointers - 37: Show Up

Problem:  Your kid is graduating preschool. That's not the problem, though. The problem is that the ceremony takes place at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday? You've got work, your own school, appointments, whatever. It's going to be hard to make it, and does your kid really need a graduation ceremony at four years old anyway? Yes.  Solution: ...more

Preschool and Kindergarten Graduations Have Gotten Out of Hand

Frederick Froebel's invention of kindergarten, in early 1800s Germany, heralded the idea of early childhood education -- of reaching children during a period of dramatic brain development and introducing a holistic style of learning through play, music, movement, paperfolding and games....more

Summer Survival Tips For Parents

For many of us, the start of summer signals the end of school.  Uh oh!  What now?  Like nails on a chalk board we hear, "What are we doing today?  I'm booored!" Grrrr!  But it does not have to be that way.  Here are a few tips for preparing for summer vacation....more

My 5 Year Old Son Is Sexist!

Let me start off by saying that I grew up in an extremely matriarchal family.   I was raised by a single mother who took on every role.  She was both mother and father.  She held a full-time job and taught me the value of a good education and strong work ethic.  As a little girl I rarely pretended I was in a wedding (in fact, I do not think I ever did) and when I played with my Barbie dolls I always sent them off to work.  I never owned a Ken doll...more

Apparently Potty Humor Is Not Acceptable at School?

My son's teacher pulled me to the side during pick up the other day. She had a very serious face on and I knew something was wrong. What did my five-year old do? He pushed? He spit? He picked a boogie and flung it at a girl? I looked at her face again and realized that she had the scrunched up brow of woman who heard an unsavory word. Oh boy! My mind scrambled, thinking of every word I've ever said in front of my son that was followed by a quick, "Never repeat that!" The list was extensive. ...more
Bahahahahaha!  I love it!  Awesome post!  If my kid's teacher did that to me I probably would ...more

Are Boy Teachers Real, Mom? (Male Teachers In Preschool)

This is the question my son asked me as I was driving him home from school yesterday.  My first reaction was to laugh, "Yes!  Boy teachers exist, Max!"  I did not laugh when he calmly replied, "Well I've never seen them, but I've seen a lot of girl teachers."...more

In This House, Boys Will Not Be Boys

I love my son’s hands.  I love to hold them/ kiss them/ help them trace letters.  His hands amaze me at the tender age of 3 writing Hs on his own then, minutes later, horrified me transforming Legos into a gun which he aimed at me and said “Pow, pow Mommy.”  He doesn’t know his cousin’s fibula will be shattered two days later due to a gunshot wound or a week later Chicago will register its 500th homicide.  He doesn’t know he will never meet his Uncle because he was shot five times in the back at close range or during my 6th month of pregnancy with h...more

When it Comes to Your Children, Who Do You Trust?

Two weeks ago, my kids had their annual pediatrician appointment. I’d be lying if I said I went there without a bad taste in my mouth. Our relationship with that practice has been tenuous since last summer. Nevertheless, we dutifully attended our appointment....more