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Preschool is a big deal

My life is about to change pretty drastically.  I don't mean to be all dramatic about it, but it's true.  Beginning this Friday, my oldest, Miles, will begin attending preschool three half-days a week....more

Preschool: Yay or Nay?

My husband and I have decided not to send our son to preschool. He will not start school until he is 5-years-old or older. My husband is the one that first suggested this and I went along with it, reluctantly at first. See I started going to school when I was 3 1/2, only a few months older than my son is now. That's what I knew and was familiar with. I also went to Montessori school which starts it's kindergarten at as young as 2 1/2. This is what I knew about early education and I enjoyed going to my Montessori school. For the first year I only went for 3 hours, 9am-12pm....more

The real reason I'm dreading the beginning of school

Miles starts school this month.  I haven't written too much about it, save for a post about his desire for a Toy Story backpack, partially because writing about it means thinking about it and thinking about it means admitting that he is growing up and will one day soon be going away to college.  And then partially because I'm not really sure to say about it and I feel like I should be able to write a post that will make everyone cry....more
We only ever do one shot at a time, which means that last summer was the summer of shots, ...more

To Montessori or not...

The past two weeks I've been pretty obsessed with this whole pre-school thing... When is the right time? How do you select the right school? ...more

Preschool Apps We Love

Making Time to Let Kids Help Around the House

When you have a lot to do, it can be hard to find the patience to let your little ones help. Children love to be in the middle of everything, don’t they? And boy do they ever get in the way sometimes! They love to “help” even when it means more work for us. But I think we need to let them help us for them to feel valued. They need to know they are needed and can be of some use. They live to please us and to be a part of something....more
Really enjoyed this honest, awesome article. A great reminder to let kids help even when it ...more

Graduation....preschool style

It's a red-letter day, my friends.  Lilian has graduated from preschool.  Do you know what this means?  Can you grasp the significance of this?  All of my kids have finished preschool!  And even more importantly...I never have to drive a preschool carpool again!  ...more