Books We Love: "Chloe and the Lion" by Mac Barnett and Adam Rex

Remember those great old Warner Brothers cartoons where Daffy Duck would get into an argument with the artist drawing him? ...more

The Letter of the Week is *N* Free Printable Handwriting Pages & Coloring Activity Pages

The Letter for Today is  *N*Noise, Noodles, Napkin and NO!...more

The Doctor Is Real In: Disney Junior's Doc McStuffins

TV Shows We Love: Doc McStuffins  ...more

Texture Fun

Do you have a Cuttlebug or something similar? For some texture fun, get it out!Have your child feel the textures on each side of the folders. Are they smooth? Bumpy?...more

Be A Reading Rockstar!

So here I am, ready to brag.  This blog is part baby book, so I have to document all major milestones in my kiddos' development, and this is a big one for me.  Friday night the English teacher within me melted into a pool of literary happiness when my dear, sweet, brilliant son Jax read a book to us cover to cover.  And it's not a board book or one he has memorized.  It's an actual big boy book....more
I love it! We're in the wanting to learn to read stage with my 5 year old. He's actually wanted ...more

How to tell if your little one is getting enough sleep

My kids are 3 and 6 so I found this article particularly interesting. On average, kids get 30 minutes less sleep than they should. (This was true in 1908, too - long before video games, TV and Internet.)Kids who don't get enough sleep may perform poorly in school, having higher drug/alcohol use, more injuries and an increased risk of obesity.The advice of Dr. Marc Weissbluth, who wrote "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" is to "watch your child, and not the clock." ...more

The Floor, My Second Home