How seriously do you take planning your Thanksgiving meal?

I've been told I take Thanksgiving meal planning too seriously. So I may have sent out an email requesting all food allergies, preferences, and suggestions. And I might have taken the font on the menu a little too seriously. And I probably didn't need to provide a spice and seasoning pairing guide for those bringing dishes of their own. But is it really too much?...more

speakers bureau

Nick Farr-Jones - Saxton Speakers Bureau Want to know More???...more


Each and every day, all of us continually search for the extra edge to win at the sport of sales and marketing.  One of the most important things that you need to know is that there is a thin line that exists between activity versus accomplishment.  Many people feel if they are “active” then they are productive.  This is not true!  Too often people run around shuffling papers, go back and forth to meetings and are continually on and off their cell phones, but they never accomplish a single task.  Consequently, they never obtain their ultimate goal....more

10 Minutes of Poise, Power and Passion

One of my passions in life is helping my clients and those in my online community improve and strengthen their speaking and presentation skills so that their message will have a powerful impact on all those who hear it. As such, my company, DeFinis Communications, gives people the training, tools and resources to choose the right words and say them with skill and confidence. ...more

The Art of Presentation – Speaker and Presentation Bloggers

There will be common elements between all of the presenters in that there will be a structure of some form. It is a skill that can be taught by people who have information and the gift of teaching. It is also something that can be learned if you find the right resources. Let me introduce you to a few of the bloggers who help others to give great speeches and presentations. The first two I met during PresentationCamp Los Angeles. I want to start with them because they demonstrated the very skills other claim to teach. ...more

This is great and so well timed!

My students are about to start a client brief ...more

Give a Better Presentation!

Want to give a better presentation? I give a lot of them. Here are my best tips. See below for a printable one-page checklist that will put everything you need to get ready for a talk from your drycleaning to your Powerpoint on a single sheet of paper. Lisa’s Presentation Tips How many slides should I have? ...more

I'll be out in your state talking about consumer electronics, features and women - thanks for ...more