Being Fearless, living fearlessly, sounds great, but how?

Being Fearless, facing your fears, sounds great, but what does it all mean and how do you do it?  How do you put aside all those little doubts, fears, false ideas that have resided for so long in your being.  They have been your partner, by your side, since you started to talk and walk, they're like your comfortable sweat pants that you like to put on to relax around the house. You can't throw them away, just put them out in the trash.  What will you wear when you want to get comfy!...more

Embracing life and accepting the present moment brings true power!

I use to find that I fought anything and everything that showed up in life that I didn't like or want. I'd resist the present moment thinking that I could change what already happened. Thinking about this I realize how irrational I behaved thinking that I could turn back time, erasing the present moment! How silly inviting all that drama it about a situation that was here to stay.  Only through my yoga practice learning to not only accept the present moment but to embrace did I find the peace and love that always eluded me....more