I love my Christmas socks

An apology to my family: I know I am a pain to buy gifts for. Sorry about that. But, I can say that it is probably my Mom's fault. ...more

That little Christmas number

As it was my daughter's birthday last week, I bought her a polar bear Christmas jumper, amongst other things. Ordinarily, I can't buy clothes fro her. She is very stylish and has definite ideas on what is acceptable and not. Any attempts made to buy clothes for her since she was about six have been met with a kindly, yet firm rejection that is clearly meant not to hurt my feelings, but give the message that I shouldn't bother in future....more

Thoughtful and Practical Gifts From The Heart


Outside the Box: 10 Gifts to Give Your Children Today That Will Help Them Tomorrow

Just because it’s wrapped in pretty paper doesn’t mean it’s valuable. Sometimes the best gifts aren’t appreciated until the child is older because they’re not “hands-on” toys, clothes, or accessories.            Here are 10 gifts that are worthy of your financial or time investment today because they “pay off” (sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively) in the long run....more

Giving the best gift ever!

Gifts, we have all the different occasions to celebrate and buy gifts for people we care. All the more, it gets more challenging as we celebrate birthdays after birthdays, travel souvenirs, holiday festivities and what not.So how to give the most perfect present for your loved ones?...more

Five Gifts You Need Not Get My Kids

Kids love presents. Be it their birthday, Christmas, or just as a nice surprise. Who wouldn't, right? And I've noticed a lot of people who aren't quite sure what the best kinds of gifts to get for three-four-and-five year olds might be. I'll tackle that another time, but for now, let me tell you what they are NOT.1) Glitter...more

Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

A small holiday confession: I hate wrapping gifts. The process of picking colors that aren't 'too girly' or 'too babyish', the excessive cutting, and running out of invisible tape goes to waste as soon as my children come down to the Christmas tree and rip the wrapping paper to shreds. It's a lot of work to throw all that wrapping paper away! So this year, I decided to do something different for Christmas presents. ...more
Love the wreath and sprig of holly.  Simple and beautiful.more

Preschool Pointers - 17: How to Hide Presents

Problem:You went out shopping for your kids' Christmas presents, and you think, man, they'll never check here! (At four, my kids aren't looking for presents specifically. They're into the Santa thing, hook, line and sinker.) But they will check there, and everywhere. Because they just find stuff. They just do. So, what to do?SOLUTION:...more

When Your Kids Don't Get As Many Presents As Their Cousins

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My family will be spending this Christmas Day with my sisters and their families. We all sit around the tree and take turns opening presents. It's a lot of fun, except for the fact that my husband and I stick to a budget with our two daughters and my sisters don't with their kids. Meaning, my kids usually get 1/2 of the presents that their cousins do. Last year this meant a lot of tears from my kids....more
It is sad to have to stress over this stuff.  Speak to the chidren beforehand.  Really, if it ...more

Celebrating Christmas Without Presents

This year, we are starting the tradition of forgoing traditional Christmas presents. As extreme as it may sound for some, we feel it is absolutely right for our family. For me, all of the excitement leading up to Christmas Day is what I love the most.First, we have Halloween, which, for us, ends up being more about buying pumpkins and dressing up than anything else. It’s a costume party to kick off the season: fun. ...more
Can't wait to hear what you actually do on Christmas day!  Because, like you said, after the ...more