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Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Alright, ladies! Let's talk about what the 20-something year old man in our life wants this Christmas! Whether your boyfriend, husband, son, or brother loves the outdoors, beer, adventure, beards (I know mine sure does!), technology, or style, we've got you covered!Here is week two of our holiday gift guide for the man in your life! (Let's just hope my boyfriend skips over this post, so he doesn't know what he is getting this year! :) ) ...more

Stop Giving Me Gifts, People!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I just threw a big party for my kid and got way too many gifts! People who didn't even come to the party are still dropping off presents. Is this the etiquette now? Am I supposed to be buying birthday presents for children even when my kid can't attend the party and we have RSVP'd "no"? This seems like overkill. Don't we all have enough stuff? Signed,Too Many Gifts __________________________________ ...more
Personally, I think it's the etiquette to give gifts even if you're NOT attending. But that's my ...more

I love my Christmas socks

An apology to my family: I know I am a pain to buy gifts for. Sorry about that. But, I can say that it is probably my Mom's fault. ...more

That little Christmas number

As it was my daughter's birthday last week, I bought her a polar bear Christmas jumper, amongst other things. Ordinarily, I can't buy clothes fro her. She is very stylish and has definite ideas on what is acceptable and not. Any attempts made to buy clothes for her since she was about six have been met with a kindly, yet firm rejection that is clearly meant not to hurt my feelings, but give the message that I shouldn't bother in future....more

Thoughtful and Practical Gifts From The Heart!thoughtful-and-practical-gifts-from-the-/cvbk...more

Choosing a gift for someone hard to please? Try something different

They don't like to read, and only like clothes that they've picked out. Their pets are as picky as they are. What to get for that difficult-to-please person?In the category of food, truffles and exotic coffees can fit the bill:...more

Outside the Box: 10 Gifts to Give Your Children Today That Will Help Them Tomorrow

Just because it’s wrapped in pretty paper doesn’t mean it’s valuable. Sometimes the best gifts aren’t appreciated until the child is older because they’re not “hands-on” toys, clothes, or accessories.            Here are 10 gifts that are worthy of your financial or time investment today because they “pay off” (sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively) in the long run....more

Giving the best gift ever!

Gifts, we have all the different occasions to celebrate and buy gifts for people we care. All the more, it gets more challenging as we celebrate birthdays after birthdays, travel souvenirs, holiday festivities and what not.So how to give the most perfect present for your loved ones?...more

Five Gifts You Need Not Get My Kids

Kids love presents. Be it their birthday, Christmas, or just as a nice surprise. Who wouldn't, right? And I've noticed a lot of people who aren't quite sure what the best kinds of gifts to get for three-four-and-five year olds might be. I'll tackle that another time, but for now, let me tell you what they are NOT.1) Glitter...more