Handmade DIY Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

If you're like my mother, you're up at 3am the night before Christmas wrapping gifts. But just because you wrap at the last minute - hey, we women do a lot! - it doesn't mean your gifts can't look their best....more

Cool Gifts/ Finally A Rock N Roll Barbie That’s More Sassy than Sweet

By: Sunny Choi(Photo Credit: www.vogalicious.com)Far from Malibu – Tokidoki Barbie...more

Make 'Em Laugh: Gifts of Comedy

What is funny to one person may not be funny to another, but laughter is the healthiest involuntary response (second maybe only to sleep) that your body can experience. Humor identifies common ground, breaks tension and brings people together. So why not spread it around this holiday season?...more
Wrong place for a general comment but, maybe someone will send me the right way . The font, ...more

Your Partner: All The Gift-Idea Inspiration You Need

Ideas are all around you. Sure, all this browsing might not uncover the one perfect gift, but all you need is a little jolt of inspiration. That's all it takes sometimes for a good idea to spring from your mind. ...more

The Worst Christmas Ever

I knew I was in trouble when my husband questioned the pile of packages by the front door.             “I have a good excuse,” I said.             One of his eyebrows arched. “Really?”             Both of my eyebrows went up. “Really,” I said....more
Do we have the same mother? My Mom goes wild at Christmas!more

Help Eliminate Clutter – Stop Buying Useless Gifts

This blog post may not help the economy but it will help reduce clutter! We buy and receive gifts for many occasions – birthdays, Christmas, weddings, baby showers, and even sometimes “just because”.  The gifts may be given with love, be very thoughtful or just the perfect item.  Don’t get me wrong; I love to give and receive gifts… certain gifts.  Think about the last gift you gave. ...more

A Very Merry Unbirthday to Me

Although it's exactly one day away, so... Actually, if I get exact on this, I'm pretty sure I turn 25 sometime around... 4:30 in the afternoon on Sunday? I know Mom told me once. I don't really remember. I was a wee bit busy being a newborn infant. ...more

The Worst Valentine's Day Gifts Ever

Valentine's Day is coming up, and you've got less than a week to come up with the perfect present for the love of your life.  What's it going to be?  The usual flowers and candy?  An original love sonnet?  A trip to Greece?  I don't know you and I'm no Dear Abby, so I can't tell you what the perfect present is -- but I can certainly tell you what it isn't.  There are some things you just should not be gifting on Valentine's Day, no matter who you are or who your mate is. ...more

Well done Ana!

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How My Illinois Christmas Began

My Illinois Christmas started with being greeted with this sight at the airport:and this sight at my parents' house... ...more

I'm originally from Charleston and much of my family still lives there. I also lived in Anderson ...more

Holiday Intensity

 Christmas is for the memories.  Christmas is for the anticipation.  Christmas, at least when you're the parent of two year olds, is not for the day, itself.On Christmas Eve, I excitedly brought down my horribly wrapped presents and placed them carefully under the tree in the most eye-pleasing manner I could manage.  I stepped back to view my work, envisioning the happy day that was surely awaiting us. ...more