The Santa Concept

 Christmas has been so hectic.  Dragging babies across the country, presents, presents, different foods, different people, presents, a massive snow storm, and, well, presents. It's amazing how quickly the girls took to the idea of Santa.  We hadn't prepared them for it throughout the season.  We mentioned Chr...more

Dear Santa: A Parent's Un-wish List

Dear Santa, Some time in the next few days, you will receive a letter detailing an extensive list of wishes from my children. Before acting on it in any manner, please carefully consider my preemptive list of un-wishes. ...more

My son received the game Battleship for Christmas. I've already lost count of how many of those ...more

How is five days a life sentence?

I received a door bell ring this morning, which I was hoping was a long lost friend who had said they would stop by, but it was the postman with a package.  I was initially excited thinking "I wonder what this is, I hope it's something unexpected", then i realized I was expecting a package from my sister-in-law and her partner, so I wasn't so excited, but they were sending gifts anyway so it was cool....more

Honestly, I wouldn't know about this "remembering long ago when 5 days was forever" since I have ...more

Holiday Gifts for Grown Kids: What to Do?

Maybe they’re not into Santa anymore, but grown-up kids still need presents. That’s not easy. There are reasons -- lots of them -- why shopping for adult offspring can give you palpitations, especially when they live across the country or the Atlantic or some other version of far away. ...more

This is a great blog! Thank you! I suppose I qualify as the grown child, by a lot of years. ...more

Where the Heck is the Tape?

I am the worst wrapper in the history of present wrapping.  I always start out with such good intentions.  I'm going to cut my lines straight and even.  I'm going to line the corners up and crease my folds.  I'm going to use very little tape so that you can't even see it.  I'm going to put ribbons and bows on every present.  They are going to be beautiful.These ideals last only until I lose the scissors the first time, which is to say, the first time I put them down.  They're scissors.  They're big and heavy and bright red.  How did I los...more

Well, I heartily thank you both for your support in my wrapping-challenged life! I figure I'll ...more

It's a recession - let's share our gifts.

Nothing brings me greater joy than regifting.  It is matchmaking at its finest.  To find the perfect present for someone else; why not give it to them?  It shouldn't matter if your boss, friend or relative gave it to you first.  Right? Regifting saves money, the environment, shopping time and declutters your home.  To me it is win, win, win.  Of course there are a few guidelines.  1.  The recycled ...more

Well, you have to put the old gifts away in a spot that you won't see them regularly. When the ...more

Terrific Holiday Gifts for Kids With Special Needs

Our family's holiday traditions include: nightly panic over conjuring surprises for the 24 tiny drawers in my kids' advent box, sending holiday postcards weeks after Christmas to a random one-third of the folks we love -- and answering queries from family and friends about holiday gifts for Leo, our ten-year-old son with autism. ...more
It was recently reported that 1 in 8 children will be affected by autism. A friend of mine is ...more

Happy Hanukkah!

Well, it's December, and that means the holidays have started. We're an interfaith family, so we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. Translation, on a year where Hanukkah starts early (like this year), it's a scramble of presents, traditions and insanity. Yes, 4 days after spending time with extended family, the holiday began. Wednesday night was the first night of Hanukkah. Our Hanukkah traditions are still a work in progress. Daniel says the prayers with me, repeating each word after me in hebrew and me giving a very basic translation of each prayer....more

Holiday Gifts of Love and Hate

   Let’s be honest. You’re obliged to buy lots of gifts this season…  gifts for people you love and gifts for those you dislike (or even actively hate). We’re back with our annual Gifts of Love and Hate List.GIFT IDEAS FOR PEOPLE YOU TOTALLY LOVE...more

Holiday Spending

Do you usually budget a certain amount of money for christmas and stick to it, or do you just shop, go completely overboard and then wind up paying for it for the next few months after christmas?See what other's are saying here.Kimberly writes at Outside My Head and That's My Answer....more