Holiday Spending

Do you usually budget a certain amount of money for christmas and stick to it, or do you just shop, go completely overboard and then wind up paying for it for the next few months after christmas?See what other's are saying here.Kimberly writes at Outside My Head and That's My Answer....more

Holiday Gift Suggestions (for the 1 year old and younger)

What to buy for a one year old?  Especially when that (nearly) one year old has an older sister who has most everything!  Well I did a bit of research and logged some time window shopping at Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Target and Amazon and here’s my suggestions… Leapfrog My First Book ($14.99+) There are two different versions available.  Good Night Scout and Fide and Seek on the Farm.  I opted for the Farm version and allowed my little one to do a test-run in the store. ...more

Six Stealthy Ways to Keep Holiday Gifts Out of the Landfill

Love the holiday gifter but hate the gift -- and maybe even temporarily love the gifter a little less due to the hideousness of the "gift" you got? We've all got our horror gift stories -- but we need not jettison the unwearables and unusables and unlook-at-ables into the landfill. Here's how to turn those abominations into new admirable gifts and creative endeavors, reducing waste while having a little fun: ...more

I actually didn't receive anything ugly -- however I do receive things I don't really need ...more

Grandparents and Their Truckloads of Gifts

Ah, the holidays. They've arrived, and along with them come all the grandparents with large plastic toys and gadgets and clothes and more toys and where the heck are you going to put all that STUFF?Not to mention -- are your kids getting a wee bit spoiled?...more

I really try hard to abide by my daughter and son-in-laws wishes when it comes to gift ...more

Great Gifts Less Than $10 for Tweens

Yikes! Holiday is almost here and I'm not done shopping. Time to pull out the cheat sheet. In my day job, I spend the year hunting for the best gifts for kids in each grade, from preschool through high school. This year, we decided to pick the best gifts that cost under $10. If you're feeling thrifty this season, check it out. Here are three great picks for tweens that will only set you back a ten-note or less: ...more

Hi Leighbra,

Thanks for the comments! Agreed. Shopping for kids this age can be scary. ...more

Family Holiday Project: Volunteer to be an Elf to a Sick Child!

**November Deadline to join in on the fun! With the holiday season fast approaching, I wanted to tell you about an organization I volunteer for each year. It's called Hugs & Hope! ...more

Green Stocking Stuffers: From Small Green Companies

Whose eyes don’t light up at the sight of a stuffed stocking on Christmas morning? So this year, why not power that delight with green, eco-friendly gifts that are sure to bring smiles of glee. There are many small green items from small eco-business that need our support this holiday season. I’ll play Santa and suggest my Green stocking stuffer list for all ages:   ...more

Traveler's Gift Guide Roundup

Are travelers a tough lot to shop for? I don't really know. I know what I like and I hardly keep it a secret, but travelers have so many different styles that it can be hard to hit that sweet spot. It's so personal - one traveler might be happy with a functional daypack, the other horrified by weather treated Goretex. What's your traveler's style? Here are a few gift guide blogs and posts that might point you in the right direction. ...more

After trying out a Garmin, I've decided that I need a GPS for my sanity. I also need a new ...more

Through the eyes of a Child

For a 2.9 month year old, my granddaughter is a pretty astute young lady. She has enough sense to go to the refridgrator when she is hungry or thristy and bring me what she wants to eat or drink. She knows where to hide the comb so we can't comb her hair, (she prefers brushing). She can explain Wonder Pets, tell me when it is time for Dora, find her cayons and be very clear about the fact she only wants to shop at Wal Mart. She will reconize a Wal Mart truck, instantly and tell us to follow it. ...more